Are young people's ideas disregarded just because they seem inexperienced?

Asked by: Blitzkreig
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    Even though I have offered up valid and intelligible ideas in many fields, I will gladly offer examples, I have been completely ignored. This may not be true for everyone, but I feel almost as if I were an oppressed minority group. If anyone has any explanation why this is, please share.

  • Perception is a Big Deal

    Now, there's something young people almost always forget when looking at the responses of older people to their ideas. That's the older person's perspective. The reaction "It's because I'm young!" Doesn't look at the perspective of the other person. It's all about you. That's been a common theme among young people in my experience.

    But here's where perspective is handy.

    You've been around for 16 years, only 10 of it in the period where you're formulating anything remotely useful. Someone who has been around for forty, with over thirty years of ideas, has seen far more than you, and likely far more complex things. Now, there is nothing new under the sun. It's all the same, only the names will change. Maybe a bit much, and a bit grim, but the fact is, your new idea? Odds are they've heard it before, several times. Maybe one time they tried it, or a friend tried it, and they found it wasn't such a good idea.

    If you really think it's your age that affects this, then please just submit your idea anonymously.

  • No, Young People's Ideas Are Taken Seriously

    No, young people's ideas are taken seriously and not ignored because they are considered inexperienced. In many venues, such as the classroom, the tech world, and marketing, the ideas of young people are valued because they offer a particular perspective not available to older people.

    Older people may disregard the ideas of younger people because their idea is not fully-formed dues to inexperience, but not because they view the person offering the idea as inexperienced.

  • Ideas are disregarded for their own merit or lack thereof.

    Young people's ideas are not discarded simply because they are young and inexperienced- in fact, the youth today have a lot more voice than they did even fifteen years ago.

    Young people often have their ideas dismissed because many of them are not based in reality, but the naive perceptions they get while living relatively sheltered lives in school or college. Being sheltered gives them the safety net they need to learn, but also colors their ideas of what is feasible in the wider world.

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