• Yes, the are.

    Certain groups of young white men, in particular white supremacists are becoming radicalized. Trump becoming elected has caused them to believe that they have the power to express their opions in a way that they did not have before. The racial tensions in our country are sure to increase .

  • Awareness, not new reality, is reason for recognition of radical viewpoints

    In any demographic group, there is and will always be a small segment that has a "radical" viewpoint for that group. This is true for Muslims; not all who adhere to the Islamic faith are terrorists. Likewise, "radical young white men" constitute a (tiny) minority of the young white male demographic. The reason for the apparent increase in "radicalization" is simply media awareness and attention to this group. Undoubtedly, this has been brought out by the 2016 election.

  • No, but the left will push them to it.

    Young white men are the internet's favorite punching bags because of history or whatever you want to invent this week. The left has ridiculed them with hashtags, rallies, protests and everything else under the sun to the point where they finally went home and listened to their grandparents who told them to vote against the people seemingly seeking to hold them down. For voices that claim to fight intolerance, the left's agenda has included bullying, ridicule and shame for things the average young white man, alone, has no control over and has taken no part in.

    Just as mistreatment of Muslims and other minorities leads them to disassociation and crime, further intolerance from the left (who used to justly right the intolerance of the south but have since majorly lost their way) will push more and more to the point of tragedy.

  • Young white men not becoming radicalized

    In my opinion it is not accurate in any way, shape or form to say that young white men are becoming radicalized. Certainly there are examples of people from this sort of demographic becoming disillusioned but based on a wider view of young white men I do not feel that they are becoming radicalized in any significant numbers.

  • This is not right.

    If people followed the alt-right groups on Reddit, they would know that young white Americans were told to hide their support of Trump. When we talk about online radicalization we always talk about Muslims. But the radicalization of white men online is at astronomical levels. Trump supporters love him because of his sexism.

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