Are younger generations more accepting of same sex marriage because they are not as heavily involved with religion?

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  • It makes a difference

    You can't say that these two are directly correlated, but it certainly has something to do with it. The point of this poll isn't to defend religion, but to explore its relevance with the young people of today. I believe that religious teachings will bring with it a better understanding of the true nature of families. Once people realize the importance of families, heterosexual relationships will be more encouraged.

  • At least in part.

    Atheism, non-religion, agnosticism, whatever you wanna call it is on the rise. Almost all religions discriminate against x in the name of y with z as proof. Of course it is nothing to be proud of (openly being anti-gay), but since it (religion) is going down, and equality is going up, up, up, then lack of religion is at least in part the reason why.

  • Young = Less Traditional

    In traditional religious denominations, adherents were warned that homosexuality was a sin. The only way to be loyal to the god of their choosing, adherents had to obey the words and commandments in order to show their commitment to the religion, even if this meant going against issues such as same sex marriage. Currently, young people are becoming more and more distant from religion due to personal choice and individualism, and so they are able to make a clearer and less influenced opinion based on same sex marriage. They are now held down by the conforms and restraints of religious laws, and can rather make up their own mind and in that way be more open to accepting social issues like same sex marriage.

  • Younger generations are more accepting

    They are more accepting as they dont have such harsh religious views to follow. They are more free and able to think as they please. Thus resulting in them being more accepting of something such as same sex marriage. In this day and age it is the older generations which still seem very stubborn about this topic

  • Yes, they feel religion can often get in the way of equal rights.

    Being a younger Catholic, I see that the Church and other major religions are unaccepting of homosexuals. All of my friends, who are the majority Catholic and all live in California, are VERY accepting of same sex marriage because we know it is wrong to do otherwise. We often actually can get angry at Church officials that don't accept them, because it is blatantly obvious it's the right thing to do. This leads us to have a lack of faith because it's awful the way the Church doesn't accept them. Love is love, they need to accept that or change their values or something to do good in the world or they will continue to lose strong believers!

  • Religion is a handicap for open minded/free thinking...

    It seems nowadays, my generation and the generations I'm seeing grow up seem to be more accustomed and tolerant to sexual preference and orientation. This seems partially due to most people nowadays are not being fooled by a broken faith where they must obtain morales from a book. As such, Athiests or Agnostic men and women do not judge solely on sexual orientation because they believe all men and women as equal, which is something Christianity and other religions seem rather hypocritical about.

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  • Yes, Their More Open Minded

    I think yes because a lot of the newest generation are a lot less involved in religion, and people talk about it more than ever. Another example, people and celebrities are coming out a lot more, why? Because we, as a species have become more open minded about the way we see gay people.

  • Yes, that is part of the reason.

    I believe young people are more tolerant because they are less religious and less likely to take that part of the bible about gay people literally. I also think it's because they have close friends who are gay unlike many people from older generations. I think kids now have learned to think more critically instead of relying upon things they are told just because it has always been that way.

  • No, i think religion is changing

    The present pope - pope Francis - recently supported liberation theology, a change from the catholic church's traditional right wing outlook on issues such as poverty. In many countries Christian churches are also practising same sex marriage also. These changes have happened in the past 5 years or so, although lobbying has occurred from groups for many years previously. Some members of these groups are Catholic reform groups naming themselves Neo Catholics; these people are happy to be classed as religious as long as the stance on homosexuality changes. They have achieved their goal and so are newly Catholic.

    Lobbying groups occur in many religions, noticeably those of eastern origins.

    After all religion is supposed to help and protect people, something much needed in response to the rise of deprivation and insecurity.

  • Is this a joke?

    "There is a complimentary social phenomenon that goes with defining deviancy down. As part of the vast social project of moral leveling, it is not enough for the deviant to be normalized. The normal must be found to be deviant. Therefore, while for the criminals and the crazies deviancy has been defined down (the bar defining normality has been lowered), for the ordinary bourgeois deviancy has been defined up (the bar defining normality has been raised). Large areas of ordinary behavior hitherto considered benign have had their threshold radically redefined up, so that once innocent behavior now stands condemned as deviant. Normal middle class life then stands exposed as the true home of violence, abuse, misogyny, a whole of catalog deviant acting and thinking."--Charles Krauthammer

    And arguably the dumbest generation - http://www.Boston.Com/lifestyle/gallery/dumbestgeneration/

  • We are becoming open minded

    I don't think it's down to religion or lack of it that the younger generation seem to accept the idea of same sex marriage. People are becomeing more well informed and understanding that other people have the right to marry whoever they choose. The media is becoming more involved releasing adverts involving same sex couples so tey are takin the lead

  • No i'm a younger generation and i believe in it

    I'm 15 and I believe in same sex marriage and or relationships, it doesn't really have to do with involvement, peoples views differentiate on different things it's mainly the people around you affect your views most of the time. I'm religious, i'm christian and I grew up around people who like the same sex. I have always thought of it this way it doesn't affect you any, it's not your business, and it's not your life so get over it. Love is love and you can't change that .

  • No, I believe not.

    I think it doesn't have much to do with religion. I think the increasing acceptation of gay marriage is due to the progress of society in general. It's like a wave, the more people accept it the more other people will accept it. It's becoming more common and children are now used to seeing it on TV and everything. They's getting used to it. Plus, I thing gay celebrities play a huge role on this. Take Ellen and Neil Patrick Harris' examples. Huge icons to today's generation of teens. Everybody loves them!
    It's also a fact that people are becoming less attached to religion, but even religion is changing. It's starting to become more welcoming to new ideas such as homosexuality. SO no, I don't think it's because of religion. Though I would really like to hear what the new Pope has to say about gay marriage.

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