Are Younger Generations More Self-Centered Than Earlier Generations?

  • This generation is more self obsessed than before-key words selfies & social media.

    This generation is very narcissist. First off, selfies are pictures of only people. What happened to old-fashioned taking pics with your friends? Also, social media is a big part; less likes=you're ugly. Social media is also influencing self-esteem and is causing suicide as well as part of it. PLEASE STOP SOCIAL MEDIA!!!

  • Newer generations judge each other bases off looks

    People of the newer generation are really self-centered because they will judge someone who does not look like a model and it will even get to the point to where they bully each other bases off looks that is why some teens who commit suicide mostly do it because someone bullied them based off there looks its true most teens who are depressed or have tried to commit suicide its because they are being bullied cause of how they looks.

  • The "selfie" is taking over

    Do to the new selfie more teens are sharing a selfie or posting a selfie on social media such as Instagram or Snapchat. Due to snapchats filters kids and teens think they look "lit" or "gorgeous" because of the filters. This can also put a rock on some kids shoulders because they might think some kids are bragging about their beauty when the other kid might think they aren't good looking

  • We now have a new culture of the 'selfie' and it is almost normal.

    The influence of using social media is getting stronger than ever with younger generations defiantly using it more often, posting many photos of them self. I look at Facebook and insatgram accounts of a family friend's child whom i baby sit, her and all of her friends photos are 'selfies'. There are no interesting photos or posts other than their face, or how the look in outfits! Even my younger sibling, he posts similar things, nothing worth while really. Its horrifying, and only going to get worse! I just hope it doesn't stay that way forever...

  • Due to the narcissism encouraged by social media younger generations are more self-centered.

    People of younger generations use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These services by their nature promote a culture of self importance. All the activities a user engages in are about sharing aspects of ones own life, experiences and opinions. The renforcement received in the form of "likes" "retweets" and "favorties" causes users to crave more of this attention and to (wrongfully) believe what they are sharing is of great importance.

  • 50/50. Both adults and children are self centered.

    Its 50/50 almost. There's a lot of mature kids, a lot of self centered kids.
    Then there is a lot of mature adults, and a lot of self centered adults.
    Don't say the world "Adult" and think of mature because of society, look around you, and see how many adults make stupid decisions.
    We are human.

  • Kids have always been self centred

    Young people have not yet developed the ability to put themselves in other people's shoes and give empathy to others. This has always been the case. When we grow up we forget how we felt as kids so the behaviour of the younger generation seems shocking to us. But it really has always been that way.

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