• Liberal Teenagers Are much more common

    I am a Liberal sixteen year old who lives in a Conservative state and has Conservative parents. Many of my friends are liberal and have very religious and conservative parents. I don't know if being liberal has to do with being a teenager in general or if it has to do with this generation. As opposed to my parent's generation, homosexuality isn't typically looked down upon as much. It's more socially acceptable to be homosexual and I think this generation has just grown okay with it. I also think this generation has become less religious focused and less concerned with religious traditions. I feel like a lot of young people have stopped adopting their family's religion and either are non religious or choose not to follow the typical "no gay marriage, no abortion" bible teachings. Same, with immigration. Growing up in Texas I've grown up with a lot of legal and illegal immigrants specificially from Mexico. I think once you've grown up with these people and seen how hard working and difficult their life is, you grow more of an understanding and connection towards them, than a middle aged adult who never really grew up with illegal immigration being a huge problem. So, basically yes I think today's teenagers and young adults are more liberal, but I wouldn't say that it's neccisarly just teenagers or just this generation.

  • Yes, statistics back this up

    Yes, younger people are more liberal, because they have opinions on certain issues that tend to be more liberal. In some ways, this is a good thing, because young people are not generally racist. In other ways, this is a bad thing, because younger people do not understand that drugs are dangerous.

  • Conservatives are idiots.

    It's been tested, and the tests show that those who hold conservative views are not as intelligent as those who hold liberal ones. The youth of today are smarter, more educated and have access to limitless information on the internet. Education makes one liberal because our understanding and forces us to understand the views of others. Conservatives do not want this to happen. They view tradition as the guiding principle of their worldview, which is why conservatives tend to be more religious as well.

  • Yes younger people are more liberal

    Yes, I think that people who are younger are being indoctrinated into a liberal world, and are therefore much more liberal than older people. I think that young people feel like the government can take care of every thing for them, and that is a strong liberal thought as they move through life.

  • Yes, for the most part.

    Younger people tend to be less judgmental and stuck in their ways. They see the world around them with more tolerance than older individuals. Since younger people don't want to be judged or treated harshly for expressing their creative or political views, they tend to extend this same courtesy to others. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

  • Yes, definitely more liberal.

    I think that younger people are more liberal, mostly because I can see myself shifting to be more conservative as I get older. Like many young people, I think I was very open-minded about all kinds of topics, most of which I had absolutely no direct experience with. As one gets older and experiences more things it is natural for events in your life to influence your thoughts and beliefs. Since no one has all positive experiences, everyone tends to get a bit more cynical, a bit less receptive to every new idea that comes along. This doesn't necessarily mean that older people are all closed-minded, but there is definitely more tendency to move in that direction as you mature and gain more experience with life.

  • Young people are all about FREEDOM

    In todays political climate, Liberal means "for personal freedom" and Conservative means "for economic freedom"
    Young people want both!!!
    They want gay people to be able to do what straight people do.
    They want drugs and prostitution legalized and regulated to make them safe.
    They want abortion to between them and God and noone else.
    Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom against unwarranted searches and siezures.
    Freedom to bear arms
    Freedom to compete in a FREE market (with limited regulation to make sure business does not encroach on personal freedom (property rights, pollution, etc...))

    They are not Democrats who want to be your mothers (mostly liberal, slightly conservative)
    They are not Republicans who want to be your fathers (mostly conservative, slightly liberal)

    HOWEVER. Because they are young and the world has worn on them yet, and they have not seen first hand the repurcussions of socialized anything, they do not understand yet that when the government helps one class it has to hurt another, and it's always the worker who feels the hurt.

    The liberals are very seductive to the young. The hearts of the young go out to the poor and needy and the rich seem to have more than is "fair". They don't understand income and wealth mobility. They don't realize the sacrifices that had to be made to become wealthy.

    Are they liberal? No, they want freedom.
    Are they inexperienced and a bit naive? Yes, definately.

  • Not always the case.

    Some young people can be more liberal others not. It mostly depend on the family, social condition, and education of the young people in question. I am very conservative to the point of fascistic when I was young and grow more liberal as I get older. However it may be safer to assume that young people can be more radical of their political idea, liberal or conservative and grow more moderate as they become more mature.

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MissInformed says2013-04-25T16:41:54.203
"If you're not a liberal at 20 you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at 40 you have no brain." -Winston Churchill

While I don't agree with the last part, I think the first part is true!
Anonymous says2013-05-14T13:35:29.533
You're asking the wrong question.
Young people's attitudes toward government are more pure and more closely resemble the founding father's attitudes.
Young people value FREEDOM.
Freedom of wealth and freedom of behavior.
They believe in making drugs and prostitution legal (both victimless and could be safe through regulation)
They believe in abortion being a personal choice. (regulated to ensure safety)
They believe that gay PEOPLE should ahve the same rights as straight people.
BUT THEY ALSO BELIEVE IN FREE MARKETS as long as they are regulated so no-one's rights encroch on anothers.
They also believe in gun rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, property rights, freedom of movement, etc....

It's not that they are liberal or conservative.
Liberals want freedom of behavior
Conservatives want freedom of wealth.

It's not that they are Democrat or Republican.
Democrats want to be your mother (through mostly liberal and some conservative methods)
Republicans want to be your father (through mostly conservative and some liberal methods)

Young adults, and our founding fathers, want freedom of BOTH behavior and wealth.
As you get older, moeny becomes more important to you so you become more conservative.
Young people are idealistic AMERICANS!

The only way to have freedom of both is to have a small limited federal government to enfore interstate freedoms that the states can't handle by themselves, and more powerful state governments to enforce intrastate freedoms.
That way, if a state passes laws that you do not agree with, you have the FREEDOM to move to another state.

The young are not Liberals.
The young are, believe it or not, Libertarians!!!