• No dodge ball should not be banned

    I think that because lots of people love that sport and if they get hurt well that's life because life is not full of fun non hurt full things. If enough people love that sport then don't ban it. If you get hurt then that's your fault or the person who made u join.

  • Well, where do you draw the line?

    I myself don't consider many people to be my friend. They'll know my name and basic info about me perhaps, but that's just it. Odds are they won't know I have siblings, when my birthday is, what kind of music I listen to, etc. I consider people friends when they can just take a seat next to me and start talking about the most random of things, but those things actually interest me as well; they actually know who I am. And those friends are the people I refer to as 'true friends'. And amusing enough, I find most of my true friends online. It's really amusing to think about how a person on the other side of the planet knows so much more about me than a person I see every other day. To conclude, where you draw the line of a person being your friend is really up to you. For a long time, I didn't know where to draw it myself. But I learned that when you and someone else look at something and say, "Well that's just plain ignorant," that you've just started a spark. Now you just need to kindle it and make it a flame.

  • Friends? What friends?

    Well, when I had friends (a long time ago), I liked to spend time with (I was a child, so I played with) them. I believe the feeling was mutual--it's rather difficult for children to play with each other if they can't stand one another, after all. Either way, I know how to choose my friends when I want them. I only deign to spend my time on people that are worth it.

  • True friends are always there

    My friends are really true friends. They act like family and even call my parents mom and dad. They are not afraid to eat around me or to tell me when i am wrong in a situation. Most importantly though my friends have been and always will be there whenever i need them. They never push me away because they think i made a bad decision and they never say they cant deal with me. True friends are there no matter what i only have like 3 true friends but honestly thats even more than i need.

  • If they weren't your friends... Then they're not friends.

    You don't call someone a 'friend' just to call them that. You call them a friend because of who they are, and you genuinely like who they are. If you use them, and consider them a friend, then in fact, they're not a friend. Friend: a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

  • It depends on your choices....

    My friends can be on and off talking behind backs and causing unneeded drama. They often get mad at little things that happen and can get very defensive, or just straight up ignore me. They make rumors about me and tell my secrets. Often times teaming up against me and leaving me to be alone for the rest of the day pondering on my choice of friends.

  • Why would they be?

    I use my friends so that they can buy me food. I also use them for clothes and shoes and so that i can rant about my 'boyfriend' because we are deeply inlove but are having some problems so its algds ill just rant on about it even tho its not their problem

  • There is Competition

    Nowadays, people are only friends with each other to feed off of their information, and like to find stuff that they can do themselves to make them better. One day, you can play all day with your friend, but what about tomorrow? Will your friend get you into a college?

  • I think kids should not have school on saturdays!

    Kids only have 2 days of there weekend and most kids don't enjoy school they mostly like the weekends so they can chill from the 5 days of school they need way more rest then 2 weekends there brains are way to overworked! So in conclusion saturday should stay as a weekend

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