Are your opinions better than those on the other side?

  • I am always right.

    Some people believe I am wrong about many things. Those people are actually the ones who are wrong. If you disagree with me, I have a knock knock joke for you. It goes like this:
    Me: Knock knock.
    You: Who's there?
    Me: You're wrong.
    And then I knock you out. Get it? Knock-knock.

  • Yes because I know I am better than most.

    I correct myself. I am wrong I get it right. I admit when I lose and when I fail. Most people hate losing and must always be right. Therefore they are wrong because they do not care about the truth but themselves. I am not some troll or some kid who thinks he is the next wonder.
    I have been wrong and know I do not know everything. I want to be right and do the right thing. Therefore I am better because I correct myself.
    That and I can best my peers.

  • It really depends, Until you actually find out. . .

    When proving that your opinion is superior, Knowledge and facts must be present and to be shown, Unless that other side would bring another evidence that relates to your evidence. But, Unless you're highly prepared to show your opinion against others, Then yes your opinion would become superior, Considering highly cited and collected real information you found in the internet. Most of the time, You'll always find your opinions superior than others in feeling, Even if it goes with a counter-opinion or different opinion.

  • They just don't see it. . .

    They do not seem to want to even begin to listen and understand.
    If they could only see the negative impact their ideas have, Maybe they would begin to understand.
    But no, Instead they are blinded by their own ignorance.
    It is like Gulliver's Travels all over again. . .
    Wake up

  • Compassion and understanding

    Opinions are subjective and are entirely based on an individuals perspective. My opinions are not above the opposing side because all opinions stem from some logic, Experience, Or knowledge that a person has. We may not have had the same experiences but that doesn't mean that the way I view something is the "better" or "right" way of going about it.

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