Are zombies from the previous Call of Duty games better than extinction in Call of Duty Ghosts?

Asked by: TommyTheCat
  • Zombies just has an amazing feel to it.

    Sure, Extinction basically requires teamwork, but later on in zombies rounds it's really helpful to have a wingman or two.

    Zombies is the funnest when you play with others, and thus requires team work later on in the rounds due to the extreme difficulty of the zombies.

    Building up your perks, and your favorite weapons is just amazing. Camping with your friends warding off zombies like a firing squad is also the best. Team work is a needed variable in zombies in my opinion because you need a buddy to revive you when you get down, and to be your zombie distraction, or extra sidearm.

    And there are a large variety of maps, and game types in zombies. Extinction lacks variety.Min extinction you can level up your hard earned perks, and get new skills, but you have to restart on something that was so hard to work for in the first place. In zombies, it's fun every time even if you just can't make it to where you were before. There's just so many possibilities for weaponry on zombies as well. Extinction has weapons around the map but you just can't pack a punch them or do anything special.

    Extinction just gets repetitive and boring.
    Quick moving, annoying aliens are way less entertaining to kill then a slow moving hoard of flesh hungry two-legged carnivores.

    In zombies you find yourself shooting more and screaming due to the intensity of all those zombies. In extinction you find yourself frustrated by how you can't get shots off on the mass of aliens running around in all directions.


  • Yes they are.

    The zombies from the previous Call of Duty games are much better than extinction in Call of Duty Ghosts. The zombies that were in the previous games of Call of Duty were the reason why everyone played it. Now that they are not there, Call of Duty will be played less.

  • Zombies are from the previous Call of Duty games better than extinction in Call of Duty Ghosts.

    Zombies are from the previous Call of Duty games better than extinction in Call of Duty Ghosts. I prefer zombies over the ghosts in these games because they are just more fun to play with. I think the advanced game play of Call of Duty and the graphics are better in the latest version.

  • Yes they are hard to top

    I do think the zombies in the previous Call of Duty games were better than the extinction in Call of Duty Ghosts. I do like both but if I had to choose would choose the zombies. The Call of Duty franchise hit a home run in the past with their zombies and it will be hard to beat in the future.

  • Zombies are more popular!

    From the start of gaming, zombies have been around and they bring many good ideas like Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, and Resident Evil. When these game concepts were inserted into the call of duty series it really changed the whole concept of the game, revolutionizing the COD generation entirely. Aliens couldn't compete at all with zombies and it was kind of a turnoff! Nobody likes aliens and they don't provide the horror factor that all zombie/call of duty fans were hoping for.

  • Zombies are better

    The extinctions mode is the most boring thing ever created in Call of Duty. Zombies are way cooler. It is true that some zombie maps were horrible, but they are still much better than the extintion. In zombies mode the main objective is to survive and it is way easier to understand the game than in the extinction mode.

    Posted by: JRRS
  • I like zombies more.

    I think extinction in ghosts is an okay game mode, but i've had way more fun on zombies. In zombies I like the fact that its not always complicated and it can be just survival and thats the only thing you do. But I think the mystery box, repairing windows, the soda perks, etc are just way better and funner.

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  • Extinction had so much potential, yet it was brought down by people who didn't want to venture off to different ideas.

    Everyone really hated Extinction, but I didn't see any problem with it. It was an idea that was rejected for being different. Look, the story actually made sense, and it actually had an objective. Yes, I know it isn't endless like zombies, but zombies strategy just relied on gathering and shooting. Nothing to counter you. But Extinction didn't follow this. Instead, it made you think through with how you would get that hive out of the way. You couldn't just run around in a circle or sit in the corner, you have to strategize against all the varieties of enemies.
    Look, I could go on and on, but now isn't the time. I'm just hoping Call of Duty Ghosts 2 happens.

  • Extinction all the way

    It's almost 2016 and I'm still playing Extinction. What makes extinction better.
    1. The story is amazing
    2. Co-op orientated
    3. Loadout, customizations, teeth, abilities.
    4. Huge dramatic bosses and amazing maps.
    5. Variety: scouts, hunter, scorpions, Rinos, Phantoms, the breeder, seekers, seeders, mammoths, Kraken, boomers, Goblins, and the ancestors; So many different and cool enemies that zombies just can't even compare.
    6. The relics and hardcore mode for the elite players

  • In Zombies all you do is run around and shoot Zombies

    In extinction you have to work out what you need to equip what, weapon you would like to get, what ammo you use, what equalizer, if you would like to use the sentry or I.M.S and what map. Zombies and extinction have in common is that you need to kill the enemy, what weapon you use and perks. Extinction also has a bigger map, more things to do, a level up system that makes sense, skill points that you would need to think about and there is variety with more than 10 aliens in all of extinction.
    All in all extinction is extremely underrated.

  • No, zombies from the previous Call of Duty games are not better than extinction in Call of Duty Ghosts.

    The zombies from the previous Call of Duty games are not better than extinction in Call of Duty Ghosts. The main thing that makes extinction better than zombies is that it's more teamwork oriented. You really have to work with your teammates to be successful in extinction and this is great if you play co-op. Another good thing is that it's something new and not the same old zombie mode which can get boring very quickly.

  • It's all up to the consumer

    I have honestly never played Call of Duty Extinction, but I have played Zombies on Call of Duty many times. That being said, I am not going to biased and give my opinion, which is; there's really no way to pick which one is better then the other. It's all up to the consumer.

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CoD is bad, and you should feel bad.