• Zoos are awesome to animals!!!

    I think zoos are good because: some animals don’t have any shelter and zoos take those animals in, not like the old days were the zoo cages were old and cold bars and now the zoo keepers made the cages newer and prettier cages that make the animals feel good in there habitat

  • Zoos are good because they can keep animals safe

    Zoos also help endangered animals by helping regrow their population they improve their cage to help them stay more healthy scientists also research them to make medicine to help them stay alive. And they help abandoned animals grow up and be strong they also are entertaining to kids and help them learn about the wildlife without maybe getting hurt.

  • Zoos are good

    I think zoos are good because if u want to feed a animal or pet a animal u can go to a zoo and see different animals and sometimes there are animals you never seen before. Im in 6 grade and I think zoos are good news do u think so?

  • Zoos are awesome!

    Zoos save the lives of endangered species by giving them food, shelter, protection, and educating kids and adults about animals. And animals like it because the zoos have activities for animals. Zoos have the animals shelter look like their habitat. If there weren’t zoos there wouldn’t be a lot of animals like how many there are today.

  • I Give Zoos 5 Stars

    All zoos deserve 5 stars because they help develop babies of endangered animals so more people can enjoy them if they go on an adventure in the wild. They give education to little children without them even knowing! If zoos didn’t help abandoned circus animals, some circus animals would be extinct. All zoos deserve respect.

  • A good place to live!

    Zoos are good for animals that need to be taken care of. They provide homes for animals that don’t have one which is good because animals without a home become an easy prey for really big animals, or even people. Zoos have been improved over 4,000 years so animals are in better care. Zoos are a good place for animals to live, please support zoos.

  • I choose zoos!

    Zoos are a great way to educate children AND adults! Plus they rescue endangered animals! I think zoos are fantabulas. I feel the strongest evidence for zoos are good is that they rescue endangered animals and make them a safe home! They feed them and care for them. Here is an example: Sometimes people can be dumb or stupid! They can chop down an animal’s habitat (and maybe that animal is endangered!) WHOS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF THAT ANIMAL?! THE ZOO THAT’S WHO! So zoos might make a few mistakes here and there, BUT they learn from their mistakes! And that’s why I CHOOSE ZOOS!

  • A good place to live!

    Zoos are good for animals that need to be taken care of. They provide homes for animals that don’t have one which is good because animals without a home become an easy prey for really big animals, or even people. Zoos have been improved over 4,000 years so animals are in better care. Zoos are a good place for animals to live, please support zoos. 

  • Zoos Save Animals!

    Zoos can save animals because, zoos can breed animals by giving shelter and protection and also by feeding the animals. At winter they can help them survive by putting them in inside cages. If there were no zoos then when winter comes than half of the animals can die and they may not even have enough food.

  • Zoos are good

    Without zoos all animals would be hunted down and killed. Zoos care for animals far more then poachers do. If a man came to you and said you can be put in a beautiful new big new house or dead. Which would you choose? That is why zoos are defiantly not cruel!

  • I Give The Zoo A BOO!!!

    I've seen animals cry in cages, it made me so mad and I felt their hurt... It's just not fair! They get whipped and beaten! Many of them are starved! THEY DIE FASTER IN ZOOS PEOPLE!!! Ask yourselves these questions if you think zoos are good, 'How would you like to be that animal? How would you like to be starved? How would you like to be beaten?'

  • Say no to zoo...

    Even zoos look after animals,it is wrong. In zoos we are keeping animals away from their natural environment.Do you think animals in cages are happier than animals in their natural habitat?????
    My answer is NO.
    If we will be kept in cages , how bad we will feel .
    In the end I want to say that; SAVE ANIMALS! SAVE NATURE!!!

  • All zoos should be shut down.

    While it may be beautiful to see exotic and strange animals up close, it isn't fair. All animals should be as they were intended to be — wild. How would you like for your freedom to be taken away?

    Even if the zoos look after their animals, it is still wrong. Google is a great place to find a photo of any animal. They can be photographed in the wild without too much interference. There is really no need to bring them to an unnatural habitat and basically cage them. Just my opinion...

  • Zoos harm animals

    Zoos take animals out of their natural habitat. That destroys their natural instincts. When animals are born in zoos, they get used to getting free food with no problem. What if the zoo is shut down? The animals would be released into he wild. They would die because they are used to the free food. Zoos kill animals!!!!!

    Posted by: Pye
  • A zoo does keep exotic animals safe but its too high of a price to pay.

    Exotic animals are hunted in the wild, Zoos may keep them safe but at the same time taking away their freedom. I remember the last time I was at Claws N Paws in Pennsylvania, a timber wolf pacing back and forth in such a small cage, Lets face it zoos are prisons and these animals are not criminals. I agree the wildlife needs protection but zoos aren't the answer.

  • Animals are dying at zoos

    A zoo gave a zebra the wrong food and it starved to death.
    Children go to the zoo to see animals up close, not to see them die, animals are dying mostly because of zoos is that what you really want your children to see because that's what they are seeing

  • They make animals depend on humans to survive.

    When animals are released from zoos they don't know how to care for their self's because at the zoo they are cared for and don't have to hunt for their food because they are fed non live food and when they comeback from a zoo they are often rejected and eaten by other animals.

  • Zoos are a bad why for the animals.

    I think that a zoos is bad for the animal because some zoos give there animals to the circus to the animals to get to train the animal to do thing they don't want to do and they hit them if they don't to do so that why I think zoos are bad for the animal and us. So stop[ and think do you want the zoos to do that to the animals do you think that fair for the animal?

  • Zoo is a concrete PRISON. . .

    Animals are the same as us in the way that we need freedom.
    In the wild, They have free food, And they can eat when they want.
    They don't get fed, They feed themselves.
    They use the knowledge they get from their parents, And get the good hunting spots. They are too lazy in zoos. They are not educational; they are not helping the population of wild animals. They only exist for amusement and profit. Many animals die from diseases that are only found in captivity and most of the animals in zoos show signs of zoo chosis. Swaying, Head bobbing, Rocking, Pacing, Circling, Screaming, Self-harming, Bar biting, Licking walls and gates. They are taken out of the wild and ripped away from parents. Marine parks pay the Japanese in Taiji to collect baby dolphins then kill the rest of the pod. Zoos almost never release animals into the wild. If you go to any site and you read you will find out that animals die faster in zoos than in the wild. They are forced to starve to death they run them on anti-depressant tablets. In addition they cram them in their enclosure no matter how much space they have. This normal makes their lives very monotonous. They are trapped in a way that no one else would know. Animals have feelings and a brain, They have a family too. How would you feel if you were captured and kept in a cage for a long time? These innocent animals haven't got a choice. They should be set FREE! Most zoo animals released in the wild don't survive. This is because zoos don't provide the right environment for a successful captive breeding project. The animals

  • Zoos are unethical

    Zoos are unethical for a few reasons. Its not just that they seem bad, or its bad to keep animals in captivity, it is much more than that. Capturing animals is cruel. They have their own life and daily routines in the wild. Animals in zoos suffer from negative psychological effects due to confinement. Doesn't matter about the facility or how big the place is. It will never be even close to the freedom they had in the wild. Animals born in zoos never get to see their natural habitat. Some have abnormal behaviours knowing they don't belong there. If they ever get released for some reason, they won't know how to adapt. Although zoos provide education, not many people go to zoos the same reason they go to a museum. Visitors sometimes even abuse the animals leaving negative effects and self confidence damage.

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