• Allow children to learn and have fun

    From zoos, Parents can teach children about different animals and learn about the species, Lifestyle etc. Parents can also teach them about what a zoo is. Parents can also teach children about what to do and not to do in a zoo.
    Moreover, Children can have fun there by looking at animals. They can relax and appreciate nature's animals.

  • Zoos are good

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  • Zoos are not good for animals

    NO!Zoos are not good for animals at ALL! They are getting diagnosed with something called Zoochosis. It causes a behavior for them to pace back and forth. JUST think about it because they are getting seperated from their families. ZOOS are for little kids and adults to see animals and to learn about them but think about the animals in sake. Not only that but animals (beautiful) animals are getting killed by either rat poison are having ''insufficant'' or incorrect foods. Zoos have gotten better. Though but, animals not so much. Its sad for me to see these animals go through stuff like that.

  • A gilded cage

    Zoos are not good for animals because animals are not made to be raised in zoos. Animals are meant to be in the wild, in their natural habitats. Zoos limit animals due to limited space, limited area, and pose serious psychological damage from constant stress due to the animals having to face noisy crowds everyday.

    Animals become less animals and more like pets when interfered by man. They lose their former glory in zoos, and become live exhibits to be used for the profit of these organizations which catches animals in the wild to be used for amusement purposes.

    Unless the animals are better off in the zoo, when there are no more sanctuaries available, and they are becoming dangerously close to extinction, then there is NO valid reason why animals should be kept it zoos.

    Posted by: GKY

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