• Yes zoos are okay to have-Miller

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  • Uncomfortable but good

    Zoos can feel like animal exploitation, But they juggle several important roles which are all codependent and important. All at once, Zoos generate public interest in animal welfare, Finance research and rehab projects, And provide a setting for those projects. I would like to see zoos become a little more streamlined and less showy. They shouldn't imprison animals that are unimportant to their larger projects just for the sake of public appeal. I think that people who are interested in other animals will still be interested in and willing to pay for more in-depth exhibits that offer good information about conservation.

  • They are needed.

    Compared to life in the wild, A modern zoo is often better for the animals. In the wild, Animals are faced with constant risk to survival. A minor injury in the wild is often fatal. Not because of infection but being slowed or impaired makes you an easier target for predators and may prevent a predator from catching pray to survive. Zoos tend to spend a lot of money on getting the animals so tend to protect that huge investment. If an animal is somehow injured, They do their best to get the animal fit again without the animal needing to hunt or be hunted in the mean time.
    A minor inconvenience for a few is often necessary for the protection of the many. Fact is, People want to see these animals one way or the other. Each year, Millions go to zoos around the world to see wild animals and only a few travel into the wild (safari) to see the animals in the natural habitat. We have already seen impacts on species because of safaris and ocean tours (whale watching). These activities do direct damage to their natural environment, Change migratory routes, And interrupt mating behavior thus endangering the animal species. In contrast, Many of the animals in zoos were born there and many others were animals that needed to be relocated because they invaded human areas.
    Is there a third option? Not really. Some may think you could end both zoos and safari type activities but the reality is that the vast majority would not accept that. This is because it would make all animals extinct in our eyes. If the only evidence you had of an animals existence was old videos or photos, Would it really matter if the animal was extinct or not? Look at the thylacine of Tasmania. It is believed to be extinct any visits to it's former territory are highly regulated to protect other species. Still, Some people have claimed to have sighted them but so far there is no proof they still exist and without allowing people to seek them, There likely never will be so they might as well be extinct. Thing is, The same is true for all other animals in the preserve. They all might as well be extinct. Imagine if we apply that to all wild animals. Unless they invade human space, We would never know if any of them still exist or not. Another way to look at it is in the case of Jurassic Park III where in the begging, All dinosaurs were on a forbidden island. Who would know what dinosaurs still exist? Nobody. Who would want to know? Everybody. Fact is, We wouldn't just want to know, We would NEED to know and only first hand knowledge would suffice. Look at all those who doubt the moon landing because they were not directly involved.
    In the end, We only have the two real option and the best option is zoos.

  • Some Animals Need Zoos

    There are some animals that are only alive in captivity. These animals, Like the New Guinea Singing Dog. . . .
    Pinta Island Tortoise. . . .
    Kihansi Spray Toad. . . .
    Micronesian Kingfisher, To name a few, Rely on this. But there are other animals, Like elephants, That shouldn't be kept in zoos. They barely have enough area to rome and play. In conclusion, There are some animals that need zoos, But others that would be better off without them.

  • Not 100% sure what to say. . . .

    People have this belief that animals in a zoo makes them safer. Maybe they are safe from predators (both human and prey animals) however this life just depresses them and puts them in a state of depression, Anxiety, Pacing back and forth, Etc. Several zoos medicate them with antidepressants and anti psychotics to try and makes this behavior to the public.

    You sure don't see people considered "vulnerable" locked away in some small space for the rest of their lives over predators and bad people.

    I care about the animals safety, And I care about the close to extent animals but at the same time a lifetime of depression, Boredom, Anxiety, And just not liking the small space you are enclosed is just not right.

    So, I don't know what to think but I do think people should think more on what actually goes on in zoos.

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