Aren't you just sick of the 9/11 charade?

Asked by: wwmd
  • I'm so sick of this.

    What happened on 11th of September is a great tragedy, there's no question about it. But instead we give the fallen ones peace and remember them this all just turned into some sort of charade, both political and social. People are posting questions about should it be a national holiday, or something about conspiracy theories. It's the news headlines of the day. But you all forget that lots of other greater disasters happened before, and none of them were given much attention like this one. It was made so big only because it includes terrorists, when, the truth is, you don't even know who was behind all of this.

    Posted by: wwmd
  • Not a "charade", I have respect, but...

    No. It is not "a charade". These were tragic events, but the problem I have, is that there have been other terrorist attacks. Why is 9/11 sprouting more conspiracy and attention, when it was 14 years ago, than the Mali hotel attack less than a month ago. I respect the fallen heroes, but the conspiracies, and the fact it receives more attention than Mali and France, is outrageous. I'd say that the conspiracies are more disrespectful than putting 'yes' on this opinion.

  • 9/11 wrong view point

    I feel like instead of looking at the negative side of things and how we failed miserably, we should focus on the positive side and remember the day that we bombed and killed their people! We stood up for our country and it was a happy time for us! `MERICA!!!!!

  • I wouldn't call it a charade

    But we need to move on. The people that died in 9/11 aren't the only people who have died in the world. Tons of people have had their lives taken from them due to sickness, murder, and even our soldiers. Yes, I can imagine how horrible it must have been to be in any of the structures, but while we take pity for the 2000 that died I'm not going to be forgetting any time soon the 100 thousand people that died for carrying imaginary weapons of mass destruction either.

  • Show some respect!

    To even suggest that there's to much emphasis on 9/11 and the events surrounding it is disrespectful. How would you feel if you had a loved one on the planes or in the towers, saying there last courageous goodbyes,knowing there life is inevitably about to end?..I can only (dreadfully) imagine what that would be like..As far as there being a steady flow of information, good or bad, that's just the era we live in with the Internet and social networking..Sure some people take advantage (distastefully )of tragic events for political gain, but if your inconsiderate enough to allow a bunch of trolls and politicians to dictate your feelings on such a powerful subject, then I'm sorry you gotta see that person in the mirror every day....It maybe time to reevaluate some character issues.

    Posted by: rja7
  • No, we should remember this tragedy..

    We should remember this day; I can recall exactly what I was doing on September 11, 2001. The day when Islamic savages hijacked four American airliners and crashed them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. I remember the fourth never made it to it's target because the passengers rose up to retake the plane. Most of the country came together that day and it will remain a part of our history. The charade are the ludicrous and debunked claims made by truthers and the arrogant, outrageous Muslim groups trying to insult and hijack the anniversary to build a victory mosque on the very site and claim themselves to be the victims. We should remember the soldiers with their hands tied behind their backs in Afghanistan, over 100 killed by their murderous Afghan "partners," a government unwilling to engage Islam as an enemy of freedom, and the Taliban just waiting to move in once we're gone.

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