Argentina makes Copa America statement: Do you favor Argentina in Copa America?

  • If it is good.

    If Argentina is good for Copa America then I do not really see a problem with it. We need more unity in this world so we can get rid of the animosity and the poverty and all of the other bad stuff in this world. Yet again though, only time will tell.

  • Yes, Argentina and Brazil should be the favorites.

    Argentina and Brazil are definitely the two best teams in the tournament, and Lionel Messi should make Argentina the favorite to win. There are some other good teams, like Colombia and Uruguay, but Argentina and Brazil seem to be a cut above the rest of the countries in the tournament.

  • Yes, Argentina has a very good shot in Copa America.

    Yes, having watched a lot of international soccer, I find that Argentina has a very good chance in Copa America, and i would say that I favor them. Having Lionel Messi, arguably the best player in the world and perhaps of all time, makes Argentina's chances of winning very high. But it is not just Messi that gives them such good odds, but also the rest of their heavily talented roster including Di Maria and Higuain.

  • No, I am rooing for the USA.

    As an American, naturally I am rooting for the United States of America to win the Copa America. It would be a huge statement that soccer has come a long way in the US and let other countries know that the USA is a emerging powerhouse in the sport of soccer.

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