Argue on the topic female President is better than male president

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  • Gender is irrelevant when it comes to ideas.

    How a person thinks is way more important than their possession of a Y chromosome. A woman is capable of good ideas and great leadership, It just depends on the individual. I think we haven't had a female president mostly because of identity politics. Logical and rational people don't like to be told to vote for someone because of physical characteristics. Interestingly enough to the left, Who constantly accuse the right of sexism, They often reduce females to their gender and use gender as though it is something voters should consider. When voters reject the idea that a person's genitals are not a reason to vote for them, The left calls them sexist. Ideas are what matter.

  • A male president is no better or worse than a female president.

    A male is completely capable of completing and achieving the same tasks and goals as a female is. Sex should not play a role in political power. What should matter is the policies that one represents and the actions that they will attempt to take to make their country a better place.

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