Argument: Is Life A Discretionary Status/Title: Is Life A Discretionary Status/Title?

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  • Life is life, not a title

    Life is not a title, and anyone who would say so is terrible. How would life be a title? Life is a function of the biosphere and does not need or should have any title. Why are people trying to do this? What is wrong with them? Life is precious.

  • No, what constitutes life is fixed and not a matter of opinion.

    No, life is not a discretionary title, because it creates too many moral gray areas. If life were discretionary, assault and battery would not be a crime. Neither would murder. The offender could simply say that they did not believe the victim was alive. There are fixed standards of what is and what is not, and life is any unique being. What is life is not a matter of opinion or in the eye of the beholder.

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