Argumentative essay on teachers are better than farmers

  • Teachers teachers teachers

    Without someone to teach them, There are no farmers. Also, One teacher can easily give a speech to hundreds at a time, While one farmer must do a lot of work throughout the year to provide to a society.

    Yea. . . Basically teachers win.

    #teachers are better than farmers

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  • Definition, Differences, Abilities

    The teachers are the ones who teaches or educates pepple. They instill the knowledge they need for them to know their future. They are the ones that tells the farmer more about farming activities like livestock's, And fruits and animals. It is a teacher that instills knowledge in a person

  • Anyone can farm but few can teach right.

    I lived in a farm area and I always disliked how farmers believed they were superior to everyone else.
    They would rather gut education to and keep on living off government welfare. It is welfare they just call it a different name but they still get money for nothing. The teachers and the education as a whole was sacrificed in favor of guns and government pork. I hope you farmers have a backup plan

  • Teachers are better than farmers at what?

    Teaching or farming or brain surgery or basket weaving.
    The base reality is; anyone can teach and anyone can farm. It's just a case of who can be bothered to do what.
    Miss in her high heels and sexy outfit would be out of place towing a muck spreader. Just as Farmer Giles would be out of place in front of class C in rubber boots, With his hand stuck up a cow's arse. Though both scenarios are not beyond the bounds of possibility.
    And basket weavers, Weave baskets and could also teach us how to weave baskets. Just as Mr Giles could tell us what to be aware of up cow's arses and Miss could teach us all about quadratic equations.

  • Those that can,

    Do (farm), Those that can't teach. You could have the brightest teachers on earth but you still would not live long without farmers that provide food to the masses.
    To me, The value of teachers keeps going down as they become more liberal. We are well on our way to Orwell's 1984 with the liberal ministries being build every day. If you don't get the reference, Read the book.

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