Argumentative essay on television are more useful than on radio.

  • A television show image

    A television us all time of news,serial, show games, entertainment and it also shows you image according to it's action.Even more important is maximizing your profit potential when advertising through television happening according to the action most attractive because you can observed what is happenings either reality or imagination's of

  • I would say less

    If we are viewing the people debating, then we are basing much of judgement on their looks, their mannerisms, their charisma. Do we want to judge the logic and usefulness of an argument based on how aesthetically pleasing it is? No, rather it is on radio or in an essay that the base bones of an idea can be laid and deemed of use or not.

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Leaning says2018-02-28T07:04:37.013
Then again. I read in a book of a Kennedy vs Nixon televised debate, which if I recall right was the first televised debate. Nixon made an extremely poor showing both in mannerisms and looks while Kennedy shined. TV viewers thought Kennedy had won the debate, whilst radio listeners thought that Nixon had. Perhaps this argues more for Yes than No if you look at how most people view their terms as presidents now, but I still find it interesting.