Ariel Castro sentenced to life in prison without parole. Do you agree with this decision?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • I just don't understand the people who say no.

    This man is obviously a cunning, evil person, who put three young women through a living hell for over a decade. All witnesses testify that Castro seemed like a normal guy; definitely crossing insanity off of the list. This sentence ensures that he will go through more of a hell than what he put those girls through, because he deserves it. The death penalty is out of the question, because it is only an evasive option from his punishment. Being dead, I'm sure, is better than solitary confinement for the rest of life. Castro should also not be set free even after a certain time is complete. As he has proven himself, he is nothing but a deceitful, evil person, and does not even deserve to be back in this society.

  • He is too dangerous to be let out of prison.

    There are several reasons to justify prison. The most compelling in this case is that a man who did such things can never be trusted to live in society again. The chances he commits horrible crimes again when let out are too high to justify letting him out. It would be hard to ever trust him enough to let him out because he seems well adjusted enough to society to lie convincingly.

  • He is worse than the Nazi's

    He kept three young woman held in an isolated room and raped and tortured them frequently. The way he treated them was similar to the ways the Jews were treated in the concentration camps. The Nazi's did this to kill the Jewish population. What makes Castro worse is that he refused to put an end to their suffering. He would punch them in the stomach or throw them down the stairs when they were pregnant. Also at least rape one of them each day. He's a monster. At least Hitler had the courtesy of not keeping the Jews in a hell hole for eternity, but Castro did. He deserves to get isolated, thrown on death row and gassed (they still have gassing as a form of execution). Just to know what it is like to put someone through hell.

  • Yes, he deserves to rot in prison...

    And think about what he did to those poor girls until the day he dies. Death would have been the easy way out. This man needs to be treated exactly how he treated the girls he kidnapped--he should be stripped of his rights, held against his will, and subjected to the abuse of men much bigger and stronger than him. As sinister as it sounds, his fellow inmates will likely slaughter him once they find out what he did. There couldn't have been a more fitting punishment... Assuming the prison system doesn't keep him isolated "for his own protection."

  • The man is a monster

    If Ariel Castro does not deserve life in prison, then nobody does. The man imprisoned, raped and beat three innocent women. Even the death penalty would be letting this guy off easy. By being sentenced to life in prison he now has to reflect upon the heinous crimes that he committed for the rest of his life.

  • Life in prison + 1,000 years.

    The sentence was actually life in prison plus 1,000 years. And I have absolutely no problem with that.

    In this case, the punishment is especially fitting because indefinite imprisonment and abuse is what he subjected his victims to, so now he will be imprisoned and abused indefinitely. There has been no sign that he even thinks what he did is wrong, much less that he's remorseful. Let him feel what it's like.

    I don't advocate the death penalty on him because I don't need to. The death penalty costs more money. If the death penalty hadn't been taken off the table there would have been a long, expensive trial. If the death penalty had been invoked he would likely use all his expensive appeals. And he's not worth it. A trial would give him hope. Appeals would give him hope.

    This way he has no hope. He knows he will live in a cage like an animal from now on. And that is truly what he deserves.

  • I don't think infinite sentences are ethical.

    'Life without parole' is based on the premises that no amount of suffering could possibly constitute a fitting punishment and that the offender will always be a threat to other people, to the extent that it is not even worth considering the possibility that the justice system has corrected his or her behaviour.

    There should always be the possibility of release, even if the offender never realises that possibility.

  • Just kill him.

    I'm a believer the death penalty should be the exception instead of the rule, yet a case like this... What possible use is there to keeping this guy alive? His suffering could never match that of his victims, and we don't need him to suffer, we need a guarantee he'll never hurt someone again. If in prison, there is always the possibility (however slim) of him seeing the light of day again.

    The only problem with the death penalty for a case like this, is it leaves the possibility of reincarnation.

  • Just take a look around you !

    Like every man are equal and are the “same” we have the same problem but not the same finances, the same dreams but not the same people around us, the same desires but not the same physic, the same walk of life but different shoes. Look at this man… do you think he did not have any dreams do you think he did not try to affiliate a group of loving charismatic people … but got rejected! Maybe he tries to talk to us about his pain… but got rejected! Maybe at school he felt… rejected! Maybe he try our churches but felt like… rejected! Maybe he went through motion of life feeling rejected! Maybe you don’t feel like that but… maybe most of the millions of people who are in our prisons today used to feel like that! Maybe most people in our mental hospital institution felt like that! Now do you think that if he had a happy life, I mean the Zac Efron or the Justin Bieberish type of life he would have done that! Hmm I don’t think so! Therefore this is telling us that either you get lucky, either you play it safe in your comfort zone surfing on the minimum wage or the winds are too strong and u fall deep into the troublesome waters of life! And when that happens what does people do! They point their fingers at you saying you a bad man! This is call natural selection, generated by conceited minded people.

  • The victims should have a voice.

    I personally would like to see him get the death penalty. At this point he is a waste of space and oxygen. Also, I don't think tax payers should have to support his evil a$$ until he dies.

    But in an ideal world the decision should be up to his victims. They are the ones who have been wronged here. They are the ones that will suffer from PTSD for the rest of there lives. Maybe it would be therapeutic for them to know he will no longer draw breath in this world and maybe it wont. I just think they should have some say in the matter

  • Before You Judge My Opinion, Read My Reasoning

    I say that, no, I am not entirely happy with the decision for one reason and one reason only. And that reason is: THEY SHOULD HAVE FRIED HIS ASS! I don't believe he deserved a plea deal, I don't believe he deserved to avoid the death sentence! Unfortunately though, plea deals aren't based off of who deserves them or not. So no I don't agree with this decision, I believe he should have been given the death sentence, but in a court of law it just doesn't work like that. If I had to chose a different sentence for him though, then yes, I'm happy with the sentence he received. SEE? Now aren't you happy you fully read this first?

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Bullish says2013-08-01T20:48:38.293
I think a good sentence must consider three things --

(1.) Make sure the offender doesn't do anything illegal again.
(2.) Give the offender the appropriate punishment so others would not do what the offender did.
(3.) Must be practical.

Victim compensation is another thing, but I don't think the sentencing includes victim compensation.

I think along these guidelines, the sentencing is not too bad.
1dustpelt says2013-08-01T21:13:24.370
Why is this case so big?
justin.graves says2013-08-01T23:06:27.747
Because three woman were tortured, raped, and kept in a house for 10 years! That freakin' big deal!
Bullish says2013-08-02T00:08:25.390
Oh that's cool. They added the New Line function in comments.