Arizona businesses can now refuse to serve gay customers. Should we be able to legally discriminate based on religious belief?

Asked by: marc.amarillas
  • I'm no homophobe, but

    It's the right of private businesses to choose who they conduct business with. If someone invests money in setting up a hotel and only wants red-headed hunters sleeping there, that's their right. As long as you aren't the only company providing a service or you are part of the Government, you should be legally able to discriminate against anyone.

  • Sure, why not?

    As long as it's not the government engaging in such discrimination, I don't see any reason why a private business shouldn't be able to discriminate based on religious belief. Although I must confess I don't see how it would be remotely beneficial to do so, people are welcome to be dumb.

  • No! Of course not!

    How did something like that even come into law? People sicken me. It's an obvious deprivation of rights to gays. Didn't we just realize how stupid it was to discriminate people by there genders and race? What's so different about sexuality? I blame it on the flying spaghetti monster that seems to be all the rage these days.

  • Do you have a soul?

    I was under the impression that this country had moved away from segregation. Now State Senators are trying to reverse everything we worked for? MLK must be turning in his grave. I thought one reason this country was so great was because people could be different. Also, how can we hate on Russia so much about their anti-gay laws, when we’re starting to do the same thing at home?

  • The right to discriminate should not exist.

    But the owner's religious belief are his own. Such beliefs should remain beliefs. They are not appropriate to apply to business practices, which would affect other individuals. While a business is private property, it is a place of public accommodation, and in order to be a functioning and just part of society, it should be subject to more regulations than a private home, for example. Allowing this results in the suffering of millions of people due to irrelevant, external factors, all for the purpose of protecting bigoted beliefs. I'm all for personal freedom, but is that worth it?

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