Arizona family's Hanukkah display contorted into a swastika: Is Donald Trump's rise to blame?

  • Part of the rise of hate

    Just like in 1930's Germany, the leader is a reflection of the cultural attitude of the people. Trump's hate-mongering and vile speech just gives credence and comfort to the angriest and most hateful of his supporters. But normalizing that kind of behavior, Trump has completed the cycle that gives hatred, violence and racism power.

  • Yes, Donald Trump's rise is to blame for Arizona family's Hanukkah display contorted into a swastika.

    Donald Trump's rise is responsible for the Arizona family's Hanukkah display getting contorted into a swastika. Donald Trump is not directly to blame for this action; however, his disregard for rights of certain religions, races, and ethnic groups allowed for this type of offensive behavior to be openly displayed. Donald Trump has spoken out against many of the Americans that were not for his upcoming presidency. However, he has only said to the rise and racially and religiously motivated attacks to simply stop. The displays of disregard for human rights that were ignited by his hateful rhetoric is directly to blame.

  • Yes, Donald Trump's rise is to blame.

    No matter how much he tries to deny accusations that his campaign spread hate now that he is elected, it is clear that fringe elements like Neo-Nazis and the Klu Klux Klan are now coming out of the woodwork. Hatred is being spread by people who once felt relegated to the peripherals of society, where they belong.

  • You can't help who supports you, nor can you stop fake hate crimes.

    Lets be honest now, would Hillary Clinton's election really stop people from having racist and anti-Semitic views? Furthermore, almost every "hate-crime" that has come out since Trump's election has been proven fake. Donald Trump has denounced the radical movements such as the KKK that have endorsed him, he dislikes people who are racist that support him. If you honestly think a Nazi would support a Jewish state then you need to reevaluate what a Neo-Nazi is. Most importantly, you can't help who supports you and if a radical group does support you, that doesn't mean you support them, especially when you specifically state that you don't support them! Claiming that Donald Trump's election has "enabled people" to commit hate crimes is, to me, the most insane notion passed by the left. If you believe Trump supporters a racist Nazi's then not only are you wrong, but you are delusional to think racist Nazi's would suddenly become good obedient liberals if Hillary had been elected or that they would wait until Trump was elected to do something like this.
    There are 3 possible outcomes of this "hate crime", none of which have anything to do with Donald Trump.
    1) The family made the story up so they could get their 15 seconds of fame and to spread more divisiveness.
    2) A teen or immature prankster decided to be a jerk, but is not necessarily a Nazi (many kids in my Middle School drew swastikas on desks but none of them were Nazis)
    3) And finally, the incredibly rare chance that a legitimate Neo-Nazi decided to mess up Menorah instead of doing what most Neo-Nazis do and vent about their hatred on social media or a Neo-Nazi meeting.
    Lets be completely honest here, Trump cannot help who supports him or what his supporters do, he especially cannot help prevent "hate-crimes" when there is little evidence to support something was an actual hate crime.

  • Trump is more pro jew than obama

    Trump has already made a strong stance that he is going to be very pro israel, the opposite of his predecessor Barack Obama who was one of the harshest presidents on Israel since it's inception. Lastly trump is not a hate monger or a bigot so idk what anyone on the pro side is talking about.

  • No, anti-Semitic sentiment is unrelated to the election of Donald Trump.

    No, Donald Trump's rise is not to blame for the vandalism of an Arizona family's Hanukkah display. Although Trump has made his support of Israel, and Jews in general, clear in recent media appearances, he is not to responsible for any underlying prejudice against Jewish-Americans in Arizona or any other state.

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