Arizona illegal immigration law: Can any historical parallels be drawn?

  • Racial Profiling Amounts to Segregation, Slavery

    Arizona's illegal immigration law does have historical parallels in Jim Crow laws, segregationism and slavery that existed in America from 1492 until the late 1860s. So much for a civilized society and growing up beyond our violent and racist past. I understand the need for tougher immigration standards. However, that is the job of Congress under separation of powers clauses in the U.S. Constitution. Immigration policy is specifically mentioned as a federal power in the founding document and not one given to the states by the 10th Amendment.

  • The Arizona illegal immigration law can be related to the immigration laws in the past against Chinese immigrants in the West coast.

    Chinese immigrants were limited in the past on the west coast because many Americans believe that they were taking American jobs for a lower amount. Although they were, this limit hurts the economy as it forces employers to pay higher wages for workers which may limit the amount of resources that person has, leading to delays or worst, bankrupcy.

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