Arizona illegal immigration law: Do illegal immigrants in Arizona pose a threat to national security?

  • Yes and no-chasity

    Yes and no, yes because most of them are crossing the boarder to deliver drugs and smuggle drugs. No because most of the immagrant that try to cross over are just trying to get out of the country, and live the american life. They dont want drugs they want to cross over and be american but no matter what stereotype the security gaurd believe every immagrant is a drug smuggler just by lookin at them

  • I disagree with that

    I believe that people are being to strict on the immigrants. Sure, they are coming from another country but that don't mean they are going to pose a threat on the national security. Saying that illegal immigrants are going to pose a threat is pretty stereotypical because not all immigrants pose a national threat. They are just getting a bad reputation from the immigrants that are acting out.

  • Illegal Immigrants Threaten More Than Arizona

    Illegal immigrants in Arizona absolutely pose a threat to national security. It's been proven that a noticeable proportion of these immigrants engage in drug trafficking and human trafficking activities. Such a proportion is relatively small, but these individuals still threaten our country beyond the Arizona-Mexico border. Therefore, more should be done to curb illegal immigration in the area.

  • No they do not pose that type of threat.

    We have dealt with worst situations than this. We have fought in WWI and II (although we joined in at the last moment). Fact is that we can handle the situation with the immigrants. We need to think more about this then in time, we'll put those plans into actions.

  • No, they do not post a threat to national security.

    Illegal immigrants in Arizona do not pose a threat to national security. Any problems that may have been caused by an excess of illegal immigration are less than the problems caused by their overly harsh laws. The vitriol toward illegal immigrants will hurt not just those people trying to find a better life in America, but also immigrants who have migrated here legally.

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