Arizona illegal immigration law: Is Arizona's law sound in principle?

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  • Not at all.

    Illegal immigration is a problem. However, the law inherently promotes stereotypes. I think it is fairly obvious that a Hispanic or Latin looking individual who gets pulled over for speeding, will be more likely be subjected to the law than a white looking individual. I just believe it is going to be a natural response. But what about an illegal immigrant from Eastern Europe? Will anyone ever look at them at ask to see their papers? Doubtful. That is why this law is not sound in principle.

  • Arizona immigration law is not sound in principle.

    The Arizona illegal immigration law is not sound in principle. This law is nothing more than federally sanctioned racism, and law enforcement racial profiling. It is unfair, and to stop a citizen solely based on suspicion of illegal immigration violates their constitutional rights. A new perspective to ponder on is would a similar law surrounding the US Canadian border be enacted as well?

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