Arizona illegal immigration law: Will reasonable suspicion of illegality be applied fairly?

  • The Arizona illegal immigration will be applied fairly.

    A federal manual for training state and local officials says they may consider whether a person has a "thick foreign accent" or looks "out of place" when deciding whether to ask them about their immigration status. They don't just stop someone for being a certain color, etc. If you have your papers you have nothing to worry about.

  • The Arizona illegal immigration law will not be applied fairly.

    Because of historical evidence,illegal immigration law will not be applied fairly in the state of Arizona.The state of Arizona and its government has had a long history of treating brown people unfairly.This new law will allow them to violate peoples rights whether legal or not,whether citizen or not,whether evidence exists or not.

  • This law itself is unfair.

    The arizona illegal immigration law is an unfair law to uphold in the first place, and I will not be surprised if law enforcement oversteps their boundaries and enforces this law incorrectly. While a majority of society believes this gives the Arizona police the ok to engage in unlawful searches, it actually just protects them if an illegal immigrant is found.

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