Arizona Republic receives death threats after endorsing Hillary Clinton. Are conservatives out of control?

  • Yes, no one should be threaten with death

    Yes, why should there be any death threats concerning who votes for whom or which paper endorses which candidate for a president. I think that this presidential campaign is the worst in the US history. It is full of hate. Some Democrats are even frightening people with Trump. One could think that there will be the end of the world if one or the other candidate wins - depending on the herald.

  • Conservatives seem to be encouraging a lack of control

    While is is difficult to say conservatives as a whole group are out of control, many of them are. It seems that there is a general environment among conservatives that encourages disrespect, self-centeredness, and to a degree even anarchy. To make it worse, extreme conservatives have tried to put labels on the behavior making it excusable--using the bible, etc. to make it ok.

  • Yes, I agree.

    Conservatives may have more self-control than liberals, a new study suggests. The study researchers posit that the differences in self-control may stem from beliefs about free will, or the concept of being "responsible for your outcomes," as the study's lead author, Joshua Clarkson of the University of Cincinnati, told Live Science. "If you do really well on a test, to what extent do you say, 'Well, I was responsible for that?'"When conservatives were primed to believe that free will diminishes self-control, they performed less well on the task than those conservatives who read about how free will boosts self-control.

  • Yes, supporters of the Republican Party are out of control.

    Firstly, we live in a society that is lucky enough to have freedom of speech. So if someone chooses to support any candidate, that is their choice. Unfortunately, when you hear Donald Trump constantly spouting out such hatred in his speeches, it is no wonder that this anger passes onto his supporters.

  • Why can't we

    Generalize radical muslims, or the BLM movement, but the second a conservative steps out of line, it's immediately every conservative that goes too far. Perfect example of liberal hypocrisy. If they agree with it, we aren't allowed to generalize. If they don't, then it's every single one of them. Ridiculous.

  • No they aren't.

    Since when do the actions of fanatics justify the broad generalization of an entire population? I'm sure all of these commenters to the convenient left would also say that all muslims are out of control because thousands of people have dies at their hands in the name of religious liberation in the last decade. Sheesh.

    Plus, how many death threats were actually received? I'll bet it was 2. I'm certain it wasn't a plethora of them though. What's even more though... Why are we automatically assuming that these death threats came from conservatives? There are plenty of democrats that hate Hillary. Seriously...Where's the evidence that conservatives even had a foot in this?

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