Arizona SB 1062: Which is more important: making more money (yes) or conducting business in accordance with your religious beliefs (no)?

  • Religion is a multi-billion dollar business built on money.

    Money pays the bills, puts a roof over one's head and puts food on the table. Word of mouth can either make or break a business. And if a business owner wants to earn a living, they can't afford to discriminate without it becoming national news.
    Even lesbian strippers don't have a problem dancing for men, as long as they're tipping.

  • Yes, making more money is more important to me.

    I only voted yes in this case because I do not believe it is right for anybody to discriminate against a customer just because we do not agree with their lifestyle. I think that as long as somebody is a law abiding citizen, they should have as much rights as anybody to shop.

  • Permission To Discriminate

    When it comes to running a business I would think companies would be more concerned about turning a profit rather than conducting their business in accordance with religious beliefs. I believe companies use this leverage against people to push their own beliefs onto others. We have seen this on a national level with Hobby Lobby who claims they don't want to offer health care to their employees because that health care provides birth control. I think these reasons are not credible.

  • Making more money.

    I think, in this case, making more money is the most important. I do not think business should be conducted in accordance with religious beliefs, because there are so many religious beliefs and many of them are conflicting. It's impossible for business to run in a manner such as this.

  • Show me the money

    I feel like if you run a business then you need to accept all business regardless of who you have to interact with. To deny people business based on your religious beliefs is ignorant and should not be tolerated anywhere. If your religious views affect how you conduct your business then chances are that you will not be successful and it could end up costing you al ot of money.

  • Money is not as important as character.

    I will never do anything that I perceive to be immoral. I would never hire kids, Or own slaves, Even if that guarantees high profits. The Gay Baker case for example, The business is private property and the government has no say on how it should be run. A private entity always has the right to deny service to whomever they please.

  • No, making money is not more important that conducting business in accordance with religious beliefs

    Making money is much less important than conduction business in accordance with your religious beliefs. Money is great and we all need money to survive, but money is very fleeting. Many people can attest to the fact that you can be rich and have all the money you want one day and be dirt-poor the next. You must stay true to your beliefs and conduct your business ethically and in accordance with your religious beliefs.

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