Arkansas Grandmother’s Agony Following Road Rage Shooting of 3-Year-Old. Can Road Rage Violence Be Stopped?

  • Take away guns

    It's not that hard! Take away guns and this won't keep happening. I'm exaggerating a little and think that would be absurd, but road rage is one of many problems that has a fixable solution, it's just one that people don't really want to work towards. But changing our culture is doable.

  • Road rage needs to be addressed.

    Road rage should be addressed as a public safety concern and there should be harsh penalties to anyone who commits acts of road rage. Aggressive drivers should face tickets for such things as tailgating, cursing and gesturing angrily at other drivers while driving, cutting other drivers off. More than three offenses should require the offender to need to attend some sort of anger management class.

  • Might be brutal...

    You know, if you kill enough of these road-ragers on live television, the other ones may think twice about shooting someone for a stupid reason. Need words, Need words, Need words, Need words, Need words, Need words, Need words, Need words, Need words, Need words, Need words, Need words, Need words,

  • Yes, public transit can stop road rage

    Yes, I think road rage violence can be stopped. First of all, we need to encourage public transit as a viable, reliable and stress free commute option. This will free up traffic for people who still insist on driving. Not only that, but people who choose transit will have a cheaper trip with their hands off the wheel.

  • It can be stopped.

    Road rage is becoming more and more common in modern society. Driving is even more of a hazard now than it was before, with the risk of a violent assault following a minor mishap on the roadway. This is not the first child to die from an incident of road rage, which in itself is a horrifying fact. Road rage can definitely be stopped, and it is a change that needs to happen soon.

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