Arlene or Penelope Pussycat, From "Garfield and Friends" which female cat was a better Girlfriend to Garfield the cat?

  • Arlene beter obviously I can't believe u would even say pEneLoPe iS bEtTer she is trash mary sue

    Thanks, I hate it. God, I hate this so much. You have no idea how much I hate this image. No unit of measurement can describe the amount of sheer hate and dislike I hold in my heart for this particular set of pixels on my computer screen. Not even Satan himself would want you down in the deepest circle of hell. This image is so cursed, That you can perform a perfectly effective exorcism in a ghost-infested house with this goddamn image alone. Seeing this image makes me want to gorge my f***ing eyes out. F**k you, Sir. F**k. You.

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