• Arma 3 4 sho

    Arma 3 is soooo realistic. If you get overrun by enimies you have to retreat. In TF2 you can use your little tarded "Pro Killstreak" dadadada.
    Arma isn't inested with 8 yr olds either. TF2 is ok but arma beats it by a million Gabe Newels. I hope you agree with me

  • Arma 3 is better

    I think this game is way better for 2 big reasons.

    1) It actually makes a sort of sense, unlike TF2 where all you do is run around with stupid characters and shoot people.
    2) Arma 3 is a way better because it actually has a accurate star map and it's realistic. It's way more tactical and makes way more sense with the hole different countries thing.

  • TF2 is better

    1) Replay ability- still has one of the biggest gaming fanbases and its still growing, impressive considering the fact that it was released in 2007.
    2) Best F2P model out there- There are no upgrades in tf2 save for the third degree but rather the weapons let you play how you want.
    3) Its Free- Arma 3 costs $40 and TF2 is free.
    4) Hats- need I say more
    5) Comics- fleshes out all the characters
    6) 9 Classes- each one has upsides and downsides and a unique personality.
    7) Teams based combat- you dont need a good k/d ratio in tf2 to win and get MVP.
    8) Trading
    9) Constant Valve Updates

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