Armed gunman wrecks havoc in Georgia. Are the U.S. regulations on gun control strict enough?

  • We don't need new laws. We need to enforce the laws we all ready have.

    The only new law we need to add is a universal background check. That way it will be harder for criminals to get guns and commit horrible acts of violence like what we saw in Santa Barbra. An assault weapon ban would only cause more drama and cost more lives. We would have a whole new cartel meant for selling assault weapons to people in the u.s. Imagine all this drug cartel drama but only with guns. Law abiding people need guns to defend them selves.

  • More Gun Control Would Only Cause More Problems.

    There are millions of guns roaming around America, and trying to restrict them or take them away wouldn't work because there are so many. Also keep in mind that taking away or restricting guns would make it harder for citizens to obtain guns legally, while criminals would still have full access to illegal guns. Thats the problem with gun free zones as well. Instead of reducing and preventing violent crime, it makes anybody in that area a sitting duck, with no way to protect themselves.

  • More regulations wouldn't help.

    Yes, U.S. regulations on gun control are strict enough, because having additional regulations would not do any good to reduce gun violence. People who are mentally ill, or people who are intent on hurting others, are going to find a way to do it. Even in China, where they have strict gun control, people use knives to hurt each other.

  • Yes, I Think Gun Control is Strict Enough

    The problem with criminals is that they are going to use any means necessary to secure weapons. I don't think there's anything wrong with our current gun policies. Stricter policies only penalize law-biding citizens who have done nothing wrong. Criminals are going to be criminals regardless of existing policies or laws.

  • Might as well ban them

    In what way will any regulation stop something like this?
    Mental background checks? Most people know they are mentally ill, and typically don't admit it.
    We already have background check laws, we just fail to enforce them.
    Ban assault weapons? They are only used in 1% of gun homicides and are just as powerful if not weaker than some pistol rounds.

    So what's next. Ban the guns?
    Well, if you like the idea of mexican cartels bringing full auto variants and rocket launchers in instead, then go ahead.
    It's been proven that the cartels pay off the government to give them their military weaponry in central america.

  • If this is happening, apparently not.

    If gunman are still reeking havoc in certain parts of the states, then it is pretty clear that the U.S. Regulation's on gun control are still not strict enough. I feel people should have the right to carry a gun, as long as they in the right state of mind to do.

  • US gun regulations need to be more stringent

    The U.S have quite lax laws on gun control compared to many other countries like the UK. Firearms are commonplace in America and many individuals not only own firearms but believe it is their right to do so. This gun culture does not exist in the mainstream in most other Western countries. Until America has less emphasis on the importance of guns to regular people there will continue to be gun attacks like this in the U.S.

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