Armed police: Do citizens feel good about armed police?

  • Are Armed Police a Good Thing

    With the rash of homicides and robberies in this country, I believe people do support armed police. It is reassuring to the general public and a deterrent to crime. People who are intent on committing crime are frequently armed and no one would expect a policeman to go up against them empty-handed. While there have been some instances of abuse, I think the majority of people feel the police do a good job and they appreciate them putting their lives on the line for the welfare of others.

  • Not Happy With Armed Police

    I am not sure how police would do there job in today's world without being armed. With that being said, I do not particularly feel good about armed police. It is a necessary evil, for the job, however, there have been times in the past, where it wasn't necessary in all jurisdictions.

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