Armed police: Is arming the police a big step that would affect and trouble the society?

  • Yes, we should demilitarize police forces

    We should demilitarize police forces because the police is already mean. What if police officers don't like someone & they THINK that they are doing something illegal but they aren't,also what is they are getting arrested and an officer thinks they're reaching for a gun,but they aren't the police can just shoot them right then, and there just like what the did with Micheal Brown.

  • Yes, it makes them credible.

    Yes, arming the police is a big step that would effect the society, because it makes law enforcement more able to do their job. This can pose problems, such as abuse of force, which can be a big problem when law enforcement has weapons. This can even result in death. However, law enforcement can more effectively protect society when they have weapons that help them with their work.

  • An armed police is unnecessary

    An armed police force is redundant in the presence of a state run military. The duty of the police is to maintain civil peace and enforce the law. The monetary and resource cost of overly arming the police force is a waste in that there already exists a well armed government entity, the military.

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