Armed police: Should a police force be routinely armed?

  • I think a police force should be armed

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  • Yes they should.

    The police force should be routinely armed. If the police force is not armed properly, they will not be able to do their jobs correctly. People who are a danger to society are more the likely armed, so the police force need to be armed so they can combat them.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I think this because if police continue to use force they could take advantage and think they have rights to do so. Also if they are not getting arrested or conscience as other citizens are this will continue.An example is Freddie Grey, he was killed by what you call "police force".

  • No they should not.

    I think weapons serve no good. They should have weapons as long as the citizens do. There needs to be a ban on guns and then the police would not need one. There would be a lower homicide rate. I am always fearful of a citizen or a police officer shooting me without good cause.

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