Armed police: Would arming the police be deterrent to criminal behavior?

  • You argument is invalid, my hair is a walrus

    Americas huge "crie" problem is a myth, you have no doubt been reading the propaganda spurted by the indo-jihadists of the southern states. Arming the police will lead to less crime as more criminals will be shot, this will cause a migrating affect to Romania, where crime is not an issue it is a pass time, voila!

  • Yes,arming police would deter crime.

    People usually have self-preservation in mind at all times so they avoid being injured under any circumstances.This is one reason that the average criminal would probably think twice if they know they have the possibility of coming face to face with a police officer that is armed to the hilt.

  • Armed police not the solution.

    Police should always be protected and feel safe, but by arming them further it will not help to deter crime. The US has some of the most armed police in the Western world and even fires more shots than almost any other western country, and it still has the a huge crie problem. Arming them further will not help the problem.

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