Armenian "genocide": Can the events be described as the Armenian Genocide?

  • It was a genocide alright

    I describe the Armenian Genocide as what I just described it in this sentence. Millions died and Turkey denies it. That is just sad and cruel. Hrant Dink shouldn't have been assassinated for talking about history. More countries should recognise it instead of just saying "it was a tragedy but not a genocide" when clearly it was both.

  • Its silly to think other wise

    Turks say this shouldnt be described as a genocide. How many people died in Darfur? 500,000, Rwanda? 800,000-1,000,000. They are both recognized as a genocide, so if 1,500,000 Armenians died in this genocide then this should be called a genocide. So Turks try to die down the numbers to 200,000 dead, even if this is true, over 100,000 Bosnians died in the 90's and this was considered a genocide. So what now Turkey? No matter what the numbers, if you murder people for their beliefs or their nationality, race and ethnicity then that is genocide.

  • The Armenian Genecodie and events

    The events related to the Armenian Genocide can definitely be put in that perspective. It was a Genocide where hundreds of thousands of people were murdered because of their religious views. It is definitely a genocide like any other and should be named the Armenian Genocide, similar to the Holocaust that was the Jewish Genocide.

  • Armenians were the main target of this genocide.

    While other groups were targeted, the Armenians took the brunt of the death. Able bodied men were killed off, and the children, women, and elderly were marched to die. Other groups were forced out, or killed, but the mass killings were directed towards the Armenians, so I would consider this to be a genocide of the Armenians, simply because they were the ones that suffered systematic killings.

  • There wouldn't no an Armenian.

    If really 1500000 Armenian killed (!) in this event, there wouldn't any Armenian in this planet. And everyone care about Armenian. But nobody talks about innocent Muslim/Turkish genocide which killed by Armenian/Greek groups. Turkey was always tight to open tehir archive but Armenians doesn't want to open theirs. They are hiding with this LIE and i'll NEVER accept that the Armenian Genocide is exist!!!

  • No more lies. The truth will be unveiled wether the Armenians wish to hide or not.

    ..... Really guys I hope u remember that an equally large or even larger number of Muslims died in this region I come from Erzurum and the stories our village elders talk of the Armenian cruelty is horrendous. My great great grandfather was killed along with his wife and 2 sons leaving his other 2 children as orphans remember we turks have the exact stories as u do. The Armenians rebelled against their nation that is treason this they were relocated because of the Armenian rebel groups destroying the war effort on the eastern front against the Russians. 80 percent of the relocated people survived. And the modern diaspora a are descendants of these people. There exists no historical or archival documents showing that an genocide was ordered or even organised. If Armenians had evidence on the genocide they woudo take Turkey to court which Turkey has suggested dozens of times. Our archives are open for all to see yet the Armenians don't open their arhchives why not are u guys afraid that ur genocide TOWARDS the Turks would be revealed. So stop lobbying and adress this issue properly, like the Jews did with Germans. U guys fear that the only thinf keeping ur race together will crumble because ur entire society was based on lies.

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