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  • Every murder does not involve sexual exploitation

    It's imperative that we refrain from leaping to conclusions about the causes of violent crimes and murder. Let the investigation unfold before concluding that sexual exploitation was involved in the recent death of an Army recruit. Arguments can devolve into violence over any number of reasons; it's not always about sex.

  • No proof of sexual exploitation in army recruit's death

    I think it is too early to tell if there has been sexual involvement in the death of the recent Army Recruit. We need to investigate more and try to come up with an answer of why the death occured. It is the way to prove without a doubt if there's a crime or not.

  • Not Enough Details To Know

    I'm unsure there are enough details released to the public to know if sexual exploitation was to blame for a death that occurred 20 years ago. This is a situation where, once the case progresses through the courts, a further opinion could be made about what occurred. There is a witness that may be tied to the alleged exploitation, but it is important to remember that the court of public opinion isn't completely informed and we cannot say what exactly happened as we were not there.

  • No Proof of Sexual Ties

    Any time an Army recruit or another young person is found dead, it is undoubtedly a tragedy. However, it cannot be proven that sexual exploitation is the result of this recruit's recent death. Instead of jumping on the sexual exploitation bandwagon, we need to be focusing on ways that we can prevent these untimely deaths and keep our young people safe.

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