Aroldis Chapman investigated by MLB: Does professional sports have a domestic violence problem?

  • Yes, domestic violence is prevalent among athletes.

    While one can argue that there is certainly multiple examples of domestic violence in cases where professional sports are not even remotely involved, it is still my opinion that the crime is characteristic in many athletes. Perhaps it is due to the combination of strength, power and being accustomed to getting what they want when they want it.

  • Yes, I believe professional sports has a domestic violence problem.

    I believe that professional sports does have a domestic violence problem. Domestic violence is everywhere, but we have seen many recent stories in the past 15 years in this industry. I believe it is a combination of the stress athletes are under- the pressure to succeed, perform. They may turn to drugs and alcohol, making them more at risk, unpredictable and easily triggered to act aggressively to those closest to them.

  • There is definitely a link between professional sports and domestic violence

    Professional athletes are notorious for getting into aggression with each other, strangers at a nightclub, and sometimes even with their loved ones. Sports are testosterone driven where some of these men are unable to turn off the level of aggression needed to win games, allowing violence to spill over into their homes. It is a dire problem that professional leagues need to deal with or their players will leave playing fields for jail cells.

  • Sports Domestic Violence

    I think that domestic violence in sports is no more prevalent than it is in the wider scope of American society. While it is terrible and what Chapman did was terrible, Chapman is just one baseball player. Also, baseball is not football, and there are much fewer instances of domestic violence in baseball.

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