Arranged marriage: Can arranged marriages make more successful marriages?

  • Why arranged can make successful marriages.

    If you already know the person and already have feelings for them, then why not? 'cause what if they already have feelings for you as well? I think that arranged marriages can make very successful marriages it just depends on if your willing enough to make that arrangement a personal agreement. Sometimes you beat the odds and find THE ONE for you and if you do, then great! Arranged marriages aren't forced marriages. You still get a voice in whether or not you want to marry that certain person and plus your parents/guardians/etc. Will probably have a few more guys on the list for your hand as a backup plan. So yes. To me arranged marriages can make more successful marriages.

  • Yes, arranged marriages are a surer bet than leaving it to the lovers.

    In the West, we can't imagine subjecting ourselves to an arranged marriage. But one has to wonder, then, why so many arranged marriages seem to work. I believe success in any marriage lies in compatible values and a willingness to put in the effort to build a strong and loving relationship. A good selection brings two people of similar backgrounds together, from families with similar values. The seeds of a good marriage exist from the start. Western disdain for arranged marriages can be accompanied by magical thinking that love exists outside us and we must be free to simply discover it where it lies. Anyone with a successful marriage can tell you that love is a process: a series of decisions and actions that lead to greater rewards over time.

  • Arranged marriages are the worst

    Someone may look nice on the outside but cruel on the inside. That's why we have democracy now. People should make their own choice! I have seen arranged marriages which did not go well at all. They get divorced immediately. There you have it. They are the worst thing to have.

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  • No marriages cannot make more successful marriages. All they do is make people miserable!

    Spending your whole life forced to be with someone you dont love is 110% wrong! Forced marriages should be banned forever. They are dishonorable, disgraceful, and pathetic. A woman should be free and not forced to be married off to a loser who is going to beat her. She will have no say in the marriage, all she is is barter bait. Id rather have western marriages then forced ones! Atleast we choose who we want to be with and if it doesnt work out you just get divorced,! You arnt forced to be miserable your whole life cuz your A$$hole religion/parents say so. Its soo disgraceful. If 2 people love eachother and choose to be with eachother thats a good start. Forcing 2 people to be with eachother and produce offspring is not only wrong, but it is a horrible start! Not to mention children come out of this disgusting forced marriage. It should be illegal everywhere. A good marriage isnt forcing people to be together. It is love. And it isnt "magical thinking". Did you hear me say "once upon a time" or 'happily ever after"..NO! Love is the most important thing in a relationship, if you dont love eachother or respect eachother how can you trust eachother and be honest?..You cant because you dont care or love them. Thats how it is in a forced marriage.. Everything about it is just completely sickening.

  • No arranged marriages can not make more successful marriages.

    I believe that arranged marriages can not make more successful marriages. Successful marriages are built on people who know each other well and have made a personal commitment to each other. They are people who have freely chosen one another. Marriages that are arranged are forced and no one wants that kind of decision forced on them.

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