Arranged marriage: Does arranged marriage trap the community integration?

  • Arranged Marriages Unsound

    Arranged marriages often end in miserable messes with two people who don't love each other. Plus, arranged marriages within the same racial group tend to keep human DNA from diversifying. The more diverse a species' DNA becomes, the better chance it has to survive a cataclysm such as famine, disease or pestilence. People should be allowed the free will to choose who they want to marry in adulthood as a basic human right as opposed to a culturally blind and ignorant notion such as arranged marriages.

  • No, because parents arranging marriages can make choices across cultures.

    No, arranged marriage, by itself, does not trap community integration, because parents can make decisions across cultures just like children can. Communities fail to integrate because they fail to integrate, not because marriages are arranged. If a community is unified, marriages could occur, arranged or not, across cultural lines and bring the community together. A society can unify and function with the tradition of arranged marriages.

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