Arranged marriage: Should arranged marriages be outlawed?

  • Forced or pressured

    I am a male of Indian descent, born and raised in the United States. My family has tried forcing or pressuring me into an arranged marriage. This has led to strained relationships between my family and myself. If I go along with an arranged marriage, I am doing my family a favor. In turn, they need to do something for me in return. They feel they are doing me a favor, and therefore they feel they don't owe me anything.

    My family is disrespectful of me, so anybody they bring in will be disrespectful of me. If the woman will be disrespectful of the man, knowing they will get away with that because they have both the support of her family and his family, why is this practice allowed?

  • They should be banned off the face of the universe!

    A woman/man should NEVER be forced to marry someone they dont want! The world is great with love marriages. As in we will find someone ourselves who we are attracted to and not be forced by a cowardous male to marry someone who we dont want! WE WILL BE MISERABLE TIL THE DAY WE DIE! Would you like me to match u up with a random person and you will be chained to them to the rest of your life?! No you wouldnt! Its like being in prison even though we are totally innocent! Its dishonorable, immoral, pathetic, cowardous, disgraceful, unworthy, and should be stopped. The male does not make decisions. We do. You dont tell us, we decide, not you. Got that? And even if it was "arranged" as some may call it. It doesnt matter! Its not right!! THE PARENTS SHOULDNT DECIDE WHO YOUUUUU MARRY!!! THEY DONT KKNOW WHO YOU WANNA BE WITH! They care about the money. TRADITION IS NOT THE WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!! FORCING SOMEONE AGAINST THEIR RIGHT TO BE WITH SOMEONE FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES THEY HATE MAKES ME SICK!! Nothing they say can make it "ok" >:C

  • Yes thy should be outlawed

    People dont deserve to be forced to marry someone they dont truely love . They should be free to marry whoever they like and be happy . It just defeats the whole purpose of marriage if you force them to marry someone they dont love because marriage is connecting and bringing two people that truely love eachother together in hearts and souls forever for all eternity .Yes we should outlaw arranged marriage people deseve to have the chanc to be happy

  • Yes, arranged marriages are an outdated concept.

    Yes, arranged marriages harken back to days when marriage was simply a business dealing between two families. In the modern age, marriage is a much more personal affair. In some cases, arranged marriages are not consensual and force young people to get married to people they don't want to be with.

  • Tradition Would Continue

    The tradition of arranged marriages would continue. I think the only type of arranged marriage that should be outlawed is an marriage between a minor and an adult. Such as the ones perform in the pologymist sects of Mormonism. Those marriages are already illegal, but still seem to be prevalent in these fringe communities. I don't think outlawing them will change the fact that they would continue to happen.

  • Arranged Marriages Should Be Outlawed

    Both young and old people affirm the fact that arranged marriage is a cultural tradition and any ethnographic data confirms it, not to mention the frequency of arrangement throughout the world. As we have pointed out there is no conflict between arrangement and a guarantee of free choice, the two are entirely consistent. Who is going to stand up and tell ethnic minorities that they don’t know whether they want arranged marriages and whether or not it really is part of their culture? It is just ethnocentrism writ large. Furthermore, how can we possibly insist that immigrants respect our virtues of ‘toleration’ if that amounts to denying them cultural freedom?

  • Not a bad thing.

    Most arranged marriages brought peace and happiness in mid-evil era. It was a honorable tribute to end wars without blood. Now though it is an important decision that shouldn't be left to us just based on how we feel at the moment. People who know us well would be able to make the choice better than we can. The divorce rate in this country is high because we can't make the right decision for ourselves.

  • Not Force Just Ways

    Most of it is not even forced marriage. It could be a tradition people do and you cant argue with the fact that it is a tradition. People have their way of life and marriage. If it was arranged the women or man might not like each other at first but maybe they didn't get to know each other but they will. It also created peace.

  • Not the same as forced marriage.

    The couple does have a say. The parents select a person depending on their background. The couple than meets and they see if they like each other. If they do, they get married. If not, they move on to another person. The couple does have a say! In a forced marriage, the couple doesn't have a say, so it is different.

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