Arrest Warrant Requested: Should Samsung's CEO be Arrested for Bribery?

  • Yes, Samsung's CEO should be arested for bribery.

    South Korea's largest conglomerate is now making headlines with its new corruption scandal, and it appears that this time its CEO Jay Y. Lee. Lee has paid a fortune to a political friend for special favors, which constitutes bribery in every sense of the term. This sort of action should never be allowed, and so Lee must be punished.

  • Yes he should be arrested.

    I never understand how CEO's of major companies can get away with things ordinary citizens cannot. Justice should be blind but not turn a blind eye based on the power and influence of the person committing a crime. It is so crazy that we have all these double standards today.

  • If found guilty, consequences should result.

    If found guilty of the accused charges of bribery, I do agree that Samsung's CEO should be arrested. Certain standards of practice need to be maintained in order to establish integrity in the business world, and any individuals who violate these standards need to be charged with the appropriate consequences.

  • Wouldn't it be nice to see rich people in jail?

    It seems like whenever the crime is giving a government vast sums of money, that government tends to look the other way when prosecuting said crime. Although it would be nice for this guy to actually do some time for bribing the South Korean government, it will likely remain a dream.

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