Art and gym should be electives in high school.

Asked by: Marideth1996
  • Yes, gym/art should absolutely be electives!

    First of all, the whole "not having gym class will increase obesity" argument is total bull. An average gym class is roughly 45 minutes to an hour, but about 15 minutes of that time ( at least in my experience) was spent just getting dressed and ready for the activity. By the time we were ready, our class would normally only get within 30 minutes of exercise. Sorry to break it to ya, but that ain't gonna solve obesity. The underlying cause of obesity is diet, and 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week isn't going to do jack for someone with a poor diet. There needs to be consistency of diet and exercise.

    But let me get to my actual point. There are some of us who express ourselves through different means. Whether it be through sports or art. Now, I am all for anyone's right who want to take out some aggression in PE. Awesome, good for you. But I want no part in it. I found it isolating and sometimes even humiliating, but more than anything, it was a waste of my time. Time I could have spent furthering my education for the field of my choice of career. I feel the same for any athlete who would rather spend their time training or practicing than sitting in an art class. Art isn't your thing, I completely get that. You shouldn't have to waste your time and neither should anyone else. I treat your hobbies and interests with respect, and I expect the same in return.

  • Course Choice & Personal Opinion

    First, we ought to allow more school choice in general, and allow children to pick the courses they want to take. After all, it is their education and their future.

    Second, it is of my personal opinion that both art and gym suck (well, debate is fun though). Math (the abstract kind, not those easy computations they teach), economics, physics and computer science are much more interesting. Of course, take this argument with a grain of salt (because I'm biased).

    Posted by: WXL
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  • Gym inhibits intellectual growth from those who are interested to learn.

    My high school required that all students take 1 credit (one full year) or gym. It was pure torture. My first year I was unable to finish a gym credit due to medical reasons. I then had to drop a class from my next year to make room for my requirements. It royally screwed my for year plan. Also, health classes, the were called wellness at my school, are mandatory. All they are is mental well being and sex Ed. All of this had already been shoved down my throat so there was another two trimesters that I lost. Total, that makes 2 full year classes worth of PE and health classes that I could spent learning something I found interesting like marine sciences.

  • YES TO THAT (art is more of a yes and no)

    Yes we should because first of all gym just keeps the kids active and energetic and be fit i can say but somewhat i dont think art should because you cant teach students art its just like teaching a kid a talent that they cant do or arent very good at like some are; art is more of a talent rather then a subject. But besides that art is more of a fun subject to do to give and help kids improve there art skills

  • Art and Gym should be electives in high school.

    I think that Art and Gym should be electives in high school because some people like to draw and be an artist. Also, everyone needs to be active and get some exercise. Some kids need to exercise so they won't be lazy. They also need to exercise to be healthy.

  • Art can be an elective, but gym shouldn't be.

    Given the growing child obesity epidemic, gym should be a mandatory credit up to graduation. Gym classes should also focus on teaching healthy lifestyle habits and diet choices to ensure today's children will remain healthy into adulthood. Art can should be an elective, as not every child is interested in it and it doesn't contribute much to overall physical health.

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