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  • It depends on what importance you're talking about,

    Art can be important in many different ways. Architecture, photography, many other jobs require art.

    Science is also important in ways, but both side are equally important.

    As an art student I prefer art more than science.

    In my opinion I think art is more important for me and others.

  • Art is silly

    What does art do for humanity? The only answer I have is nothing. . . . . Art does nothing for humanity. What has Picasso done? Nothing.
    Science requires lots of creativity as well. Art requires almost nothing.
    STEM jobs pay more for a good reason.
    Art is absolutely stupid.
    On a recent podcast, Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi said:
    "One of the things that my experience has taught me is that if you are trained as a scientist in your youth - through your high school and college - if you stay with the STEM disciplines, You can learn pretty much all of the subjects as you move along in life. And your scientific disciplines play a very important role, And ground you very well as you move into positions of higher and higher authority, Whatever the job is.
    Wilde says, ““Art is useless because its aim is simply to create a mood. It is not meant to instruct or influence action in any way. It is superbly sterile, And the note of its pleasure is sterility. A work of art is useless as a flower is useless. A flower blossoms for its own joy. We gain a moment of joy by looking at it. That is all that is to be said about our relations to flowers. Of course man may sell the flower, And so make it useful to him, But this has nothing to do with the flower. It is not part of its essence. It is accidental. It is a misuse.

  • No, since both are important in their own way.

    Modern progress is made by two main subjects technology and society, science and art influence progress in two major ways -

    The Arts depicts societies current situations and influences its current culture, politics, and philosophy.

    The Sciences brings enlightenment and the knowledge to maintain and further societies progress

    So it isn't right to say one is greater than the other when both are needed to present steady influences over society.

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