Artificial life: Is artificial life safe from use in bioterrorism?

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  • No, probably not.

    Artificial life is probably not safe from use in bioterrorism. It would require a great deal of safety controls to be added in that it can not be used against us if it belongs to you, but even then other people can start creating their own artificial life as well and use that as a means of terrorism. It sounds risky.

  • Creating Artifcial Life Is Scary

    Wow, aren't we starting to play God in a literal sense. The ethical implications of this alone are unheard of. No, the ability to create brand new organisms is very scary. Think about a terrorist would be able to create a new virus that no one would have the ability to contain. Only they would have a way to stop the organism. They could potentially hold the world hostage. This is really scary stuff.

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