Artificial sweeteners lead to high blood sugar: Should artificial sweeteners be banned?

  • Yes, artificial sweeteners should be banned.

    Yes, I do believe that artificial sweeteners should be banned. There is not enough long term research into the effects of them on the body. It is better for people just to learn how to control their eating instead of finding ways around it. There are so many chemicals in artificial sweeteners.

  • No, artificial sweeteners should not be banned.

    No, it is my belief that artificial sweeteners should not be banned because there are too many products out there in the grocery stores that have artificial sweeteners in them already. If we ban artificial sweeteners, many companies will go under and go bankrupt that it is likely that our economy will worsen.

  • No, artificial sweeteners should not be banned.

    It may very well be true that artificial sweeteners are unhealthy and can cause high blood sugar. However, there are endless lists of other unhealthy things that are not banned, such as alcohol, cigarettes, and chocolate cake. Something being bad for you does not necessarily mean that the government needs to intervene and outright ban it.

  • They should not be banned.

    I believe artificial sweeteners can be improved by the manufacturer's to help deal with this situation. The other thing is that people should regulate the use of artificial sweeteners or use in small quantities. The packages should have a warning about the cause of high blood pressure to give people a warning against misuse.

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