Artist creates apartment in mall parking lot: Should more alternative housing arrangements be explored?

  • I feel more alternative housing arrangements should be explored

    America does suffer from a housing crisis. Many people can't afford basic housing as real estate costs continue to increase. Alternative solutions should be looked at to provide everyone with a basic home at an affordable level. More eco-friendly homes should be developed to improve the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Artist creastes apartment in mall.

    Yes alternative housing should be made. First of all I believe it is illegal to do that because it is private property. He/she can get arrested because they have not ask for permission. The mall has every right to call the police and have them arrested. There are a lot of places where someone can look for housing either for working or unemployed.

  • Yes i agree

    Yes, i agree. I actually support this. Alternative housing arrangement have to be explored. This is because the artists are doing the wrong thing by creating apartments in the mall parking lot. Something has to be done to sort this out. This is by exploring alternative housing arrangement to solve the situation.

  • Yes, more alternative housing arrangements should be explored.

    Yes, more alternative housing arrangements should be explored. In many American cities, the housing crisis has become a pressing emergency. Homelessness is also a very pressing problem in many areas of the country. All possibilities for alternative housing should be explored so that everyone who needs a place to live can have one.

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