• Yes they are outrageously high

    Yes, they are outrageously high prices to pay for 1 hour of consultation about a legal issue one is having. I don't even get a steak dinner from my lawyer when I have things to discuss with him. He doesn't offer me any perks either. He is a high paid prostitute is all.

  • Yes - do we really need to pay them $500 just to walk in their office?

    I believe lawyers are overcharging when it comes to their fees. Lawyers must think everyone is wealthy. When you have an issue come up that requires an attorney, you pick one from the phone book and pay what they ask because you need the attorney right then. Most of us cannot easily afford $500 as a retainer fee, which is the fee for walking in their door basically. If they have to do anything, then they charge you for services in addition to the retainer fee.

  • Yes, lawyers are overcharging.

    I definitely think that lawyers are overcharging when it comes to their attorney fees. I think that lawyer fees today are ridiculous and there needs to be more of a regulation when it comes to the prices. But since people keep paying for them, I do not see a change in terms of that.

  • Soak em dry.

    Yes, lawyers are overcharging when it comes to attorney fees because lawyers do not do anything that is that special anymore. At the most, it is semi-skilled labor. A lot of people can figure it out by reading on the internet. Other than knowing Rules of Evidence, court is not that hard, either.

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