As a society, is it important that we address issues of sexism against men?

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  • Yes yes yes

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  • What is equality without the equality part?

    What I do not get about society is the fact that when people are doing okay others have to come in and put them down, its like crab mentality. Just because men were doing good then when women were not, doesn't mean we should destroy men. Its like having a five star hotel built next to a bed and breakfast, then demolishing the five star hotel because it's hurting the business of the bed and breakfast. Why not instead of demolishing the five star hotel the bed and breakfast market to a different audience. What I'm trying to say is instead of focusing on the negatives, focus more on trying to strengthen the positives.

  • Yes it is

    Because women earn 77% of the income of a man despite them working in easier jobs with shorter hours. Because men are brought up not being allowed to express feeling, like crying. Because men aren't the only violent ones, so are women and they can be equally as violent. Because when men get divorced, they normally only receive a small proportion, often 30% while women get the rest. Because men are viewed incapable of doing housework. Because men are always thought of as perverted sex machines and are dirty minded. Because men spend longer time in prison for the exact same crime. Because there are barely any male shelters for male victims of abuse while there are loads of women shelters. Because if a man hit a woman, people would moan, have a go at him etc. whilst if a woman hit a man, everyone would laugh or chant and bystand around watching and shouting something like beef. Because men are supposed to get all the flash cars, jewellery, mansions and have lots of money. Because men are supposed to have to play, what I describe, tougher sports in school like men play rugby, women play badminton or netball. Because women are always viewed as more gifted and talented students in a schools and teachers always favour them giving them special treatment/preference. Because women are allowed to make sexist jokes about men but if it was vice versa, there would be these major public outcries. Because men are supposed to be involved in violence but women aren't. Because if a man cheated on his wife it would be worse than a woman cheating on her husband. Because there is a saying only women bleed, saying they are apparently the only ones who suffer. Because women often complain when the man helps out with something about something minor or just want to complain. Because women always backchat about men. Because men are meant to have the six packs, the dark hair. Because police always put men under extreme pressure during interviewing but women aren't. Because men are expected to earn all the money and pay for everything. Because men are given less support when they get a serious terminal illness like cancer. Because men are considered not to be capable of being a parent. Because women sexism is always publicised whilst male sexism is kept away in the dark. Because the colour pink is meant to be a girls colour and cannot be liked by men. Because men are meant to do all the graft work like DIY. Because men are meant to be born fit and athletic. Because men are supposed to give up their seat just so a woman could sit down. Because men are supposed to say "ladies first" in a queue and be a "proper gentlemen". Because women don't accept anything as just a little joke. Because men are supposed to be the only ones who go out on a night and get pissed on drink (alcohol)

  • I dont know

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  • Of course we should

    In order to achieve gender equality we need to address issues of sexism concerning both men and women. How can we progress as a society if we are only trying to make women equal to men, and not trying to make men equal to women. There are issues of sexism facing men and we need to tackle them.

  • Please re-read the actual definition of feminism

    Feminism details equality for EVERYONE. This means men and women. Fairness and equality are rights that each and every HUMAN BEING deserves. A history (or for that matter current - many societies around the world still treat women as second class citizens) shouldn't detail retribution. Then you are just as bad as the initial perpetrators.

  • It's only fair.

    Just because 1 gender had less rights before doesn't mean the other gender should have to suffer.
    Boo hoo your great grandma and great great grandma suffered in an unfair life. Does that mean all men should just be disregarded? Or does it mean we should keep everything as fair as possible for both genders?

  • Sexism is a two way street.

    If men are capable, then so are women. The phrase 'A woman can do it better than a man' is aptly applied here. If you think you can do greater good in the world, it should stand to reason that you are just as capable of greater evil. You can't say your entire gender can only be all things good and the other is all things bad. We all have good and bad qualities, and it's time women start getting punished by law when they do harmful things to men, instead of being applauded for it.

  • Sexist Female meme becoming a reality!

    The sexist female meme on reddit, although amusing and crude, shows a depressing reality in terms of rather extreme feminists. Although they have every right to try and fight for the rights that they believe that they are entitled to, they have no right to generalize and put down all men to try and put their point across! I realize that women have been deprived of some basic human rights such as the right to vote, and in some countries don't even have the right to go into public without being accompanied by a man. However, they have no right to abuse those basic rights to try and get your point across. Not all men are condescending, sexist pigs, and saying that they are simply presents that you are no better than the apparent oppressive gender.

  • Yes, its important to address issues of sexism against men (and women)

    Just as its important to address any issue of discrimination (race, color, age, faith, etc., etc., etc.).

    If equality, true equality, is ever expected to flourish it must be embraced in all situations regardless of any differences such as race, gender, age, sexual preference, etc., etc.

    The only person(s) that should every be entitled to "discriminate" against something or someone is the person themselves. For example, women that want to join any part of the military should be allowed to do so, unless THEY choose to keep themselves out. Beyond that, the only way a woman (or man for that matter) should be discriminated against when joining the military (for example) is if they cant pass the same tests and requirements that everyone else has to pass for that same job.


    'address the issues of sexism against men' dude f*** men, men have had it so easy for a ridiculously long time compared to women that its not important to address issues against men. Name one thing that is sexist against men, go ahead, name ONE. If men are complaining about sexism then they arent really men either.

  • Men must also be respected

    There is always an issue between men and woman's right. They always said that men are abusive and disrespectful of the opposite sex. But, if we think about it. Men are also being abused by woman. Men have the capability of being aggressive at times, and so do woman, but sexism against men is way too unacceptable.

  • Equality Should Be Foundation

    It's obvious instead of just teaching people to respect women by singling them out, or respecting men by singling them out is sexist in itself. The clear solution is just to teach in schools, and to respect people and view them as equals at all times. Easy question I m o.

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