As a woman, Would you be okay if your husband or boyfriend wore high heel shoes when he was in public with you?

Asked by: krnorton
  • I would be totally supportive of any man that wished to wear high heels at home of in public places.

    A mean wearing high heels does so because they make him feel good, Look good, Etc. There is no rule stating that just because the shoe is sold in a women's department that a man cannot wear them So if a man chooses to wear heels, I say go for it, But wear them well and proudly.

  • Married a male

    I married a man. If one day he came out with this fetish after asking many times in the past. I would feel very betrayed and hurt. And in public on top of being betryed and hurt i would be embarrassed. How could any womxxn feel comfortable with a male embarrassing her on purpose? No if my husband went out dressed in a fetish i would see that as a sign tjat hes mentally instable and i honestly wouldnt even want him in my house near my daughters or things

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