As African Americans (Jozy Altidore, Eddie Johnson) star on the US soccer team, will this lead to a watershed moment for soccer in America?

  • US soccer is reaching a critical mass

    The US Mens National soccer team has won its previous 12 matches. That's more than any other national team in the world right now (not ever obviously). This streak started by beating Germany in a friendly and the team just rallied from a 0-2 halftime deficit to beat 13th ranked Bosnia.

    Jozy Altidore set an American Men's record by scoring in his last 5 matches, providing a hat trick in today's match. His stock has risen to the point that he is joining the English Premier League. Eddie Johnson has also had great success on the team recently.

    Jurgen Klinsman (our German born coach) is bringing credibility and new levels of sophistication to the national team.

    I think that as Latinos and African Americans continue to succeed and lead our national team to victories the popularity of soccer will continue to rise at an even faster rate than it already is.


  • It's not Jozy Altidore and it's not Eddie Johnson

    The watershed moment has nothing to do with Eddie Johnson or Jozy Altidore. It has to do with how the public sees soccer. Soccer is becoming the go-to sport because it has arrived due to the critical mass of viewers. The fact that those two are included reflects the need for good players. They are no better than other players. They would be nothing without the rest of the team. This is not football or baseball or basketball. This is soccer where it matter much more how the team puts it together than whether the two players in front no how to score.

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